Honorlock Release Notes

53 min. readlast update: 07.11.2024

Below is a running list of information regarding any customer-facing Honorlock releases: 

Version 10.9.0 (Web App) & Version 6.35.0 (Extension) July 11, 2024

  • Users will now have the ability to manually change a session to “Reviewed” and remove the “Reviewed” status.
  • Browser tabs closed during the authentication process will now be reopened when an exam is submitted.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing special characters to display incorrectly in saved Olark chats in session viewer
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing exam-takers to bypass proctoring on the Intellum platform when network issues occurred
  • Created a new “Speech Detected - General” flag that will trigger when 4 or more consecutive words are spoken. This is meant for Pro Mode.
  • Existing Flags are now: “Speech Detected - Keywords” and “Speech Detected - Personal Assistant”
  • Fixed a bug that caused flags in the room scan step to count towards the exam termination thresholds. Now, only flags triggered after the exam has started will be counted towards the termination thresholds. 

Version 10.8.0 (Web App) & Version 6.34.0 (Extension) June 26, 2024

  • Exam Re-entry on Canvas: Resolved an issue where test takers could click the back button and re-enter an exam without Honorlock successfully relaunching.
  • Camera Window Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where closing the Honorlock camera window while viewing the Hotkey detection blurred screen would result in the test taker being unable to relaunch their exam.
  • Multiple Password Fields: Addressed a bug for 3rd party exams that have multiple password fields.
  • Speech Detection During Proctoring: Speech detection flags will no longer be triggered while an Honorlock proctor is in the middle of a Live Pop-in.
  • Hotkey Detection on 3rd Party Exams: Fixed an issue where Hotkey Detection was not functioning on many 3rd party exams. Note: Some compatibility issues may still exist due to the varied page designs across different platforms.
  • Exam Results Page: Corrected the filter checkboxes on the exam results page to ensure they are all the same size and style.

Version 10.7.0 (Web App) + Version 6.33.0 (Extension) June 12, 2024

  • Revamped email management for recommended sessions. When enabling Honorlock, adding email addresses to receive Recommended Session notifications is now a simpler process, supporting free text insertion. 
  • Introducing a new Side Panel for a better in-exam experience. Exam Guidelines can now be viewed using a side panel that does not overlay on top of exam content. The side panel can be left open throughout an exam, providing students with better visibility of exam guidelines when needed. 
    • Requires new chrome permission: sidePanel
  • Fixed an issue where the icon to email test takers from the proctoring results page was not displaying for native D2L exams.
  • Fixed broken knowledge base links for Moodle users
  • Updated Mobile Detection flag to reduce false positives involving hands
  • Exam Termination improvements: Now counting individual Low, Med, High proctor added indicators instead of grouping them under ‘has-proctor-actions’. Exam Termination UI will now be prioritized over any type of pop-ins.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 10.6.2 (Web App) June 3, 2024

  • Adding additional subscription data to our application for more accurate reporting: Segment information, Price Dimensions, Segment Qty, Segment Start and End, List Price, Customer Price.

Version 10.6.1 (Web App) May 29, 2024

  • Fixing an issue where non-LPI sessions were being fed into the Live viewer
  • Fixing an issue in Hub where the Reviewed by Proctor number is not accurately reflecting the sessions being viewed by a proctor. The count currently includes all sessions that got a LPI request. We are removing that to only include sessions that are seen by a proctor.
  • Fixing an issue in Hub where “Proctor Pop-in occurred” was not counting Soft Pop-ins.

Version 10.6.0 (Web App) + Version 6.31.0 (Extension) May 29, 2024

  • Updated the messaging and layout for added clarity when a user receives the email that a requested HTML file is ready for download.
  • Now supporting D2L Exam Import. When creating a new course via the import function, users can now import Honorlock settings from the course of origin into the new course.
  • The Honorlock Chrome Extension will now request an additional permission for chrome.webRequest. This is used to better support students beginning assessments that originate from non-traditional URLs. This will also allow us to better monitor web requests originating from nested iframes and ensure testing integrity.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 10.5.0 (Web App) + Version 6.30.0 (Extension) May 17, 2024

  • Introducing Hotkey Detection! Prevent & detect the theft of exam content via screenshots. Combinations of modifier keys will be detected and logged. Honorlock will also generate a “Hotkeys Detected” flag for each occurrence of these combinations and the ”PrtSc” button by itself. Honorlock detects over one hundred hotkey combinations.
    • Note: Hotkey detection is available on an opt-in basis. Contact your Success Manager for more information or to enable this new feature. 
  • Proctored session videos will now load and automatically play more consistently. Videos will now play on mute by default. A new button to unmute and mute the videos has been added to the session viewer. 
  • Updates to support Google’s deprecation of 3rd party cookies.
  • Fixed an issue where violations were appearing in the Download dropdown menu .
  • Fixed an issue where the bypass pin was not working properly if a test taker started the authentication process prior to the pin being entered.
  • Long exam names will no longer result in the Enable button being hidden on the Honorlock LTI in Canvas.
  • Updated to a more reliable service used for websockets and app to app communication within the Honorlock platform.
  • Security improvements.

Version 6.30.1 (Extension) May 09, 2024

  • Fixed a bug in D2L where proctoring will shut down if the first question is left blank

Version 10.3.0 (Web App) + Version 6.29.0 (Extension) April 24, 2024

  • Hotkey Detection (Beta) bug fixes and improvements. Fixed an issue where double flagging was occurring.
  • Fixed a bug where certain Proctor added indicators were not timestamped properly.
  • UI updates to the Minimum System Requirements page.
  • Corrected an inconsistency where exam passwords were not always being set to the appropriate formate: HL_NO_EDIT_########
  • Improved download functionality when utilizing HTML format. Longer sessions are now able to be downloaded successfully.

Version 10.2.1 (Web App) April 18, 2024

  • Fixed an issue where some students on Canvas were unable to complete the payment process for an exam
  • Fixed a system check bug for organizations utilizing Honorlock's Partner API

Version 10.2.0 (Web App) + Version 6.28.0 (Extension) April 11, 2024

  • We've made improvements to the Focus Lost flag to improve its accuracy and eliminate unnecessary flags.
  • Fixed a bug where the email icon was not appearing next to certain students on the Exam Results page.
  • When utilizing the "Download as HTML" feature, users will now receive an email when the file has been bundled up and is ready for download.
  • Test takers will now receive a high flag when they attempt to re-enable a blocked extension during an exam.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating within an exam was incorrectly creating a flag for "Attempted online resource blocked."
  • Updated MSR Speed test link to fast.com

Version 6.27.1 (Extension) April 2, 2024

  • Extension patch release that addresses a Canvas New Quiz edge case where a user may get stuck in a pause state during an active exam.

Version 10.1.0 (Web App) + Version 6.27.0 (Extension) March 28, 2024

  • Introducing a new session download function, allowing instructors and exam administrators to save necessary sessions as HTML files and view in any browser with the same session viewer layout you are accustomed to. (Note that users will not yet receive email notifications when the download is ready. That feature is coming in the 10.2.0 release)
  • When creating 3rd Party/Universal exams, users will see a new option in the platform dropdown; Access through LMS. This option is to be used if the test takers are expected to launch the 3rd party exam within the LMS and will provide test takers with more clear navigation instructions.
  • Fixed a bug where proctoring was attempting to launch on the results page for Canvas New Quizzes.
  • Users can now build Canvas New Quizzes after enabling Honorlock. Prior to this fix, the quiz needed to be built before enabling Honorlock.
  • Fixed an issue where test taker responses to soft pop-ins were showing up as flags instead of responses.
  • Fixed an issue where flags were occasionally time stamped incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem where Honorlock was not disabled in associated courses when disabled in a Canvas Blueprint course.

Version 10.0.0 (Web App) Mar 19, 2024

  • Updated PHP framework

Version 8.14.0 (Web App) + Version 6.26.0 (Extension) March 12, 2024

  • Improved messaging and reliability around saving exam settings. New timeout messaging has been added and users are now notified when their session has expired and instructed to refresh the page. These timed out sessions were leading to save errors without any messaging to the user.
  • Fixed an issue where questions containing special characters were not being searched as part of Search & Destroy.
  • Fixed a bug where the proctoring window would close after multiple refreshes on exams within Blackboard Ultra
  • Fixed an issue impacting D2L 3rd party exams where typing in another url and then navigating back to an exam could result in sessions not being fully proctored.
  • Solved a problem where refreshing the camera blade could lead to test takers being prompted to share their screens but unable to move beyond the pause screen. 

Version 8.13.1 (Web App) + Version 6.25.1 (Extension) February 23, 2024

  • Introducing a new feature called Hotkey Detection that will prevent exam takers from taking screenshots mid-exam. When two modifier keys are pressed, the screen will blur and prompt the learner to acknowledge.

    • Will launch as a school option for Intellum ONLY

Version 8.13.0 (Web App) + Version 6.25.0 (Extension) February 22, 2024

  • Introducing the New Reviewed status icon! After clicking to review a session, the test taker card will now display a checkmark icon indicating that the session has previously been reviewed.

  • Fixed an issue where the settings to disable copy/paste and disable printing weren’t functioning properly for Canvas New Quizzes
  • Fixed bug where the Search & Destroy tab was displaying "An Issue Has Occurred" message when no questions had been added to the exam or manually uploaded.
  • Resolved an issue for institutions utilizing multi-tenant setups where results were not displayed in a course.

Version 8.12.0 (Web App) + Version 6.24.0 (Extension) February 15, 2024

  • We’ve launched our Moodle integration! Honorlock is now fully integrated with Moodle with a seamless test taking and exam management experience, without ever leaving the Moodle LMS.
  • We’ve added improved messaging around session expiration within the Honorlock LTI.
  • Fixed a bug where the Honorlock toolbar was not visible after closing and restarting proctoring during certain 3rd Party/Universal exams.
  • Resolved an issue where test takers were being flagged for accessing an online resource when accessing the exam URL.

Version 8.11.0 (Web App) + Version 6.23.0 (Extension) February 6, 2024

  • Honorlock now supports additional Canvas Blueprint functions! Updates to Honorlock settings at the Blueprint Course level can now be synced at any time throughout a semester. Prior to this release, Honorlock settings could be synced once but modifications could not be made. Contact your CSM to enable this feature at your institution.
  • Fixed a bug where the prompt for test takers to install the Honorlock extension was not going away after installation was completed.

Version 8.10.0 (Web App) + Version 6.22.0 (Extension) January 23, 2024

  • Improved exam security on Canvas 1st Party exams by better leveraging the use of the Honorlock iFrame
  • Fixed a bug where the Honorlock user survey was not being displayed to exam administrators
  • Improved exam security on 3rd party exams utilizing the College Success platform
  • Fixed a bug that was impacting student pay exams. The exam tab would close if a test taker refreshed the page during the payment steps.

Version 8.9.0 (Web App) + Version 6.21.0 (Extension) January 16, 2024

  • Exam security has been improved on Canvas quizzes and New Quizzes, making it less likely for a student to find themselves in a state where an exam is not proctored for a portion of the test. 
  • Fixed a bug where some Canvas test takers were unable to re-enter their exams after closing the exam tab during the test. 

Version 8.8.0 (Web App) + Version 6.20.0 (Extension) December 21, 2023

  • Honorlock now supports Canvas New Quizzes! When a Canvas New Quiz is created, you will now see it available to have proctoring enabled within the Honorlock LTI.
  • Additional filters are now available under the High Flags section. This allows exam administrators to filter by specific flags such as Browser Closed, Test Window Lost Focus, and all other high flags. These new granular filters allow exam administrators to customize their proctoring results to focus on the specific flags that are most meaningful to them.
  • Fixed a bug where students were encountering a white screen when trying to launch McGraw-Hill Connect 3rd party exams 

Version 8.7.0 (Web App) + Version 6.19.0 (Extension) December 19, 2023

  • Exam reviewers will now see a new Recommended section within their Honorlock proctoring results. The Recommended section will give exam reviewers clarity on which sessions require their attention, resulting in less time spent and a more focused review of the highest priority sessions. 
  • Fixed a bug where Exam Guidelines were missing from the student toolbar on some 3rd party exams
  • Fixed a bug where the exam timer was disappearing on some 3rd party exams, when launched from D2L 

Version 8.6.0 (Web App) + Version 6.18.0 (Extension) November 21, 2023

  • Introducing new guided overlays for 3rd party exams. These will assist test takers in navigating to their exam platform and through the insert password process.
  • When Allowed URLs are utilized, the allowed sites will now remain open if the test taker has them open prior to launching their exam.
  • Hub Analytics performance improvements for faster reporting for Key Administrators. 
  • Fixed a bug where test takers were unable to turn extensions back on when exiting Honorlock mid-exam.
  • Fixed a bug where flags were showing up in the summary report but not within the Session Viewer.
  • Implemented email batching and query optimizations for Critical Session Emails to reduce impact and frequency of failed email attempts. 

Version 8.5.0 (Web App) + Version 6.17.0 (Extension) November 8, 2023

  • Instructors and Exam Administrators will now be able to send emails to test takers directly from within the Honorlock LTI, streamlining the student feedback process. 
  • Test takers will now see their camera view on the page when a Pop-in occurs from a live proctor. This will help test takers correct any visual errors such as their face being out of view of the camera. 
  • Fixed a bug where simulated exams were receiving flags during the Honorlock pre-exam check. 
  • Fixed bug where a secondary pop-in message was displaying in the bottom left corner during a live proctor pop-in and made other visual improvements to the pop-in modal.
  • Fixed an issue for Blackboard Ultra users where the link to enable their exam in Honorlock was grayed out and unclickable. 
  • Fixed a bug where exams marked for Manual Review were not marked properly for review by Honorlock’s Record & Review proctors.  

Version 8.4.0 (Web App) + Version 6.16.0 (Extension) October 24, 2023

  • Added a bar graph to the exam duration filter section, making it easier to see how many exam takers completed the exam in a given time period. 
  • Fixed a bug where the duration filter would lead to hidden sessions even after the filter was reset. 
  • Fixed a bug where exam takers were not prompted with a message about blocked extensions that were going to be shut down prior to starting their exam. 
  • Fixed a bug where the exam list was not in the correct order when sorting by exam name.

Version 8.3.0 (Web App) + Version 6.15.0 (Extension) October 10, 2023

  • Introducing a new method for Honorlock proctors to pop-in mid-exam. For low risk scenarios, proctors can now intervene without pausing the exam taker’s assessment, resulting in less interruptions and faster interactions with our proctoring team. 
  • Expanded on the information included in the critical session email that goes to exam administrators and faculty. 
  • Fixed bugs around locale and screens within the student launch process when the language was not set to English. 
  • Adjusted the layout of our proctor chat interface so the Chrome screen share message no longer blocks the initial chat and/or input field. 
  • Fixed an issue with the menu in the exam taker toolbar that would occur after opening the proctoring window or knowledge base.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters were causing questions to not log properly in the session viewer.

Version 8.2.0 (Web App) + Version 6.15.0 (Extension) September 21, 2023

  • Updated the exam list to include more information:
    • Completed Sessions: total count of completed sessions within that exam
    • Violations & Pop-Ins: total count of Violations and total count of Pop-ins within that exam
  • Added test taker exam details to the Results page. Use the dropdown/caret icon on the right side of the student card to view:
    • Proctor added flags and flag details (if applicable to your service level)
    • AI flags and flag details
  • Improved the reliability of the ‘insert password’ function on 3rd party exams.
  • Fixed issues with tabbed navigation associated with the test taker pre-exam check.
  • Fixed a bug where the data collection and use agreement for test takers was displayed twice on screen
  • Fixed an issue in the Exam-Taker Explorer that was causing ‘500 errors’ for Key Admins with early access to this section of Hub.Honorlock

Version 8.1.0 (Web App) + Version 6.13.0 (Extension) Aug 31, 2023

  • For Key Admins with early access to Hub.Honorlock you will now see a brand new Student Explorer. This new tool will allow you to view the entire proctored exam history for a student, including flags, pop-ins, and proctor-added violations.
  • We’ve improved the password reset workflow for those who have early access to Hub.Honorlock
  • Fixed a bug related to Key Admin access to Hub.Honorlock for those with early access
  • Fixed a bug where the proctoring window would close too early for Moodle test takers 

Version 8.0.1 (Web App) + Version 6.12.1 (Extension) August 22, 2023

  • Fixed a bug associated with pre-exam authentication that could result in portions of a session missing video and/or proctoring
  • Fixed a bug for D2L users where the exam timer for test takers was blocked by the Honorlock interface
  • Minor improvements to the test taker pre-exam authentication interface for 1st party/native LMS exams 

Version 8.0.0 (Web App) + Version 6.12.0 (Extension) August 10, 2023

  • New and improved exam results page, including:
    • Filters are cached on a per-user basis so they will automatically be selected the next time you enter an exam’s results screen.
    • Users can now filter by flag level, date range, and exam attempt duration.
    • New look and feel.
    • Improved loading screens for more clarity when pages are loading or refreshing.
    • Added course name and exam availability information to the results page header.
  • Introducing Pre-exam checks when test takers are launching a proctored exam. Honorlock will now warn test takers prior to entering their exam for certain behaviors detected by our AI. 
    • Note: This release includes a pre-exam check for headphones only. Test takers will be prompted to remove headphones if they are detected during the pre-exam authentication process. This will reduce flags that you need to review and help test takers better comply with the exam’s guidelines.  

Version 7.19.0 (Web App) + Version 6.10.0 (Extension) July 18, 2023

  • Improved our ability to detect and flag inactive or muted microphones.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate violation emails would continue to be sent after an exam’s close date.  

Version 7.18.0 (Web App) + Version 6.9.0 (Extension) July 6, 2023

  • Updated the size of the text boxes for Additional Instructions and Accommodations for exam administrators so they do not need to scroll down continuously to make changes.
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where links included in Additional Instructions on the Honorlock LTI were leading to the incorrect URL. 
    • Resolved an issue where informational indicators were not viewable to exam administrators in the exam summary report.  

Version 7.17.0 (Web App) + Version 6.8.0 (Extension) June 22, 2023

  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where the Honorlock scientific calculator was not calculating trig functions accurately.  

Version 7.16.0 (Web App) + Version 6.7.0 (Extension) June 13, 2023

  • Accessibility Improvements:
    • Additional improvements were made to the Honorlock application so exam takers are able to use the application with a keyboard only. 
    • Additional improvements were made to the Honorlock application to allow exam takers to navigate the screen effectively with a screen reader. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
    • Resolved an error where the Exam Summary Report was not displaying the correct number exams with high flags at the top of the report. 
    • Resolved an issue where the ‘Open Proctoring Window’ button was broken for 3rd Party Universal exams. 

Version 7.15.0 (Web App) + Version 6.6.0 (Extension) May 23, 2023

  • Honorlock’s new Apple Hand-Off Detection: Our AI detects the presence of the Apple Handoff Icon & proctors observe the session without intervening to determine if a phone is present and being used inappropriately. If the proctor determines the exam taker is using Apple Handoff, they prompt the exam taker to disable handoff to prevent further flags and/or request a roomscan if they see a phone being used.
    • If a proctor determines a violation has occurred, they will add a violation flag to notify the exam administrator of the course. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
    • Resolved an issue where the ID column in the session viewer was too large and overlapping with the Student & Session ID Columns for BB Ultra users. 

Version 7.14.0 (Web App) + Version 6.5.0 (Extension) May 9, 2023

  • A survey has been added to the end of the tutorial, HonorPrep, so Honorlock can measure how effective the tutorial is for exam takers.
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where exam takers using BB Ultra with Classic were closing the exam tab and Browser Guard remained active.
    • Resolved error where duplicate flags were being created for exam administrators using BB Ultra.
    • Resolved an issue where the indicator/light remained on after completing the roomscan step on the HonorPrep Tutorial.

New: Stop the use of AI-powered Extensions in your Exams - April 26, 2023

  • Our teams have quickly developed a solution aimed at identifying the use of Chrome extensions driven by AI technology to violate exam guidelines. 
  • Honorlock is now logging installed and active extensions at the start of an exam session.  
  • If an exam taker attempts to use an unauthorized extension, like Transcript, our proctoring team will add a "violation" flag and alert faculty via our critical session email. 
  • Please note: Extensions used for accessibility purposes will not be flagged or blocked. 

Version 7.13.0 (Web App) + Version 6.4.0 (Extension) April 18, 2023

  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
    • Resolved an issue where exam administrators using LMS, Blackboard, were not able to run Search & Destroy 

Version 7.12.0 (Web App) + Version 6.3.0 (Extension) April 4, 2023

  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Additional color contrast improvements made so exam takers can adequately differentiate things on the screen. 
    • Improvements made to the exam workflow so exam takers can go through the authentication process using keyboard-only navigation. 
    • Improvements made to the Honorlock application so a screen reader reads all actionable items. 
    • Exam takers are now able to access links in the Honorlock LTI with the screen reader. 
  • Added additional text to an error message when enabling an exam to be more clear for BB Ultra w/Classic users. 
    • New error message: “Unable to enable Honorlock. An invalid or blank date was found for the following fields: Due Date, Display After, Display Until”
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
    • Resolved issue where exam takers accessing exams from a URL other than the main URL listed for the school were prompted for access codes.
    • Resolved issue where new exams were not displayed under Instructor Accounts on the LMS, BB Ultra. 
    • Resolved error where the ‘Contact Support’ was not working after 3 failed ID verifications for BB Ultra users.

Version 7.11.0 (Web App) + Version 6.2.0 (Extension) March 16, 2023

  • Honorlock is now able to support showing a full video in session results for longer exams. 
  • Accessibility improvements: 
    • Color contrast improvements made so exam takers can adequately differentiate things on the screen. 
    • All text, images, and content elements will scale with a user’s zoom and appear clear when a user zooms in. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved issue where a user was unable to be let into the exam with their accessibility pin. 
    • Resolved error where an exam taker was not able to use a bypass pin when they were assigned one. 
    • Resolved issue where exam takers taking a third party exam were not able to complete the entire authentication process. 

Version 7.10.0 (Web App) + Version 6.1.0 (Extension) February 28, 2023

  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
    • Resolved issue on LMS, BB Ultra, where multiple exam attempts were saved under the previous HL session. Now multiple exam attempts will be saved as multiple proctoring sessions for exam admin’s review. 

Version 7.9.0 (Web App) + Version 6.0 (Extension) February 7, 2023

  • Exam takers using BB Ultra can successfully access their exam from the Calendar section of their course to take an HL proctored exam. 
  • An error message will now be displayed to a user when their internet connection is not available. 
    • Once the internet connection is re-established, relaunching the proctoring does not require re-authentication and will go straight to the webcam and screen share steps. 
  • Student Guidelines are able to be viewed from the Honorlock toolbar when taking a proctored exam. 
  • When an exam taker clicks on “Launch Proctoring,” they will see the message, “One moment.” After 1-2 seconds, the button will revert to “Launch Proctoring” to allow exam takers to open a new camera window. 
  • LiveChat will appear on the Instructions page for exam takers in the bottom right of the user’s screen from the moment they access the Data Collection & Use page through to the end of the exam proctoring.
  •  Additionally, we are excited to announce the launch of HonorPrep for our Live Pop-in partners. This feature is a direct result of our Student Anxiety Study, where students are offered a thorough guided tour of the Honorlock platform and how it works. This feature will be available directly within the LMS beginning 2/7!
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved issue on LMS, D2L, where the extension was pausing all tabs if the camera blade was closed during the launch proctoring stage. 
    • Resolved error where a message requesting exam takers enable permission to access all URLs was frequently re-opening even after all tabs were closed.   

Version 7.8.0 (Web App) + Version 5.16.0 (Extension) January 17, 2023

  • Visual update to the Honorlock LTI - Header Bar Style, there has been no change in the functionality. 
  • As a student taking an exam, if prompted to install the HL extension and do so successfully, the page will now refresh and start the extension automatically. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved issue where extensions in addition to Honorlock extensions produced a resource not found error for certain exam takers.
    • Resolved error where Summary Report page failed to load if there were too many sessions within an exam. 
    • Resolved issue where multiple flags were duplicated when viewing a session in the session viewer. 
    • Resolved issue where extra BB Ultra tabs did not close after launching a proctored exam.
    • Resolved issue where the 'Enable' and 'Save' buttons were not working properly intermittently for exam admins, when changing Honorlock Exam Options.
    • Resolved issue where Exam Takers were experiencing an error when attempting to take an exam in D2L.

Version 7.7.0 (Web App) + Version 5.15.0 (Extension) January 05, 2022

  • For BB Ultra, there was a visual update to the text and alignment of verification pages.
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes.

Version 7.6.0 (Web App) + Version 5.14.0 (Extension) December 20, 2022 

  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Made improvements to the launch proctoring screen so exam takers are able to access the launch proctoring screen with keyboard-only navigation. 
  • Honorlock is compatible and will support the updated D2L New Quiz. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
    • Resolved issue where on Mac, Windows, and ChromeOS, when a user launched proctoring for BB Ultra w/ Classic from the content page, not from LTI, multiple proctoring windows were opened. 

Version 7.5.0 (Web App) + Version 5.13.0 (Extension) November 29, 2022

  • Accessibility Improvements: 
    • Made improvements on the authentication screen to the “Live Chat,” “Guide,” and “Accessibility” links in the upper right corner so they are accurately read by a screen reader. 
  • Headphone detection is now tied to a high flag. When "Headphones Allowed" is toggled off in the exam settings, exam administrators can expect to see a high flag in the session results if an exam taker wears headphones during an exam. A proctor pop-in will also occur for Live Pop-in customers when students are wearing headphones (if headphones are not allowed).
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes. 

Version 7.4.0 (Web App) + Version 5.12.0 (Extension) November 15, 2022

  • For institutions who have a user acknowledgement agreement set for exam administrators: You may now add up to 1000 characters to your agreement. For additional support in editing your user acknowledgement agreement, please reach out to your designated Customer Success Manager. 
  • Exam administrators are now able to include whether a mobile phone is allowed or not during an exam under "Student Guidelines." 
  • Accessibility Improvements:
    • Made improvements to the links shown during the authentication process so they can be accurately read by a screen reader. 
    • Made important changes to the extension toolbar so that exam takers can adequately navigate with a screen reader. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved error with ‘Need Help?’ button on install iframe to work accurately.  

Version 7.3.0 (Web App) + Version 5.11.0 (Extension) November 1, 2022

Accessibility Improvements:

  • Edited the extension toolbar color contrast to meet accessibility standards so exam takers can adequately differentiate things on the screen. 
  • Made improvements to the keyboard accessibility in the Honorlock application for exam takers who use a keyboard instead of a mouse during exams. 
    • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes: 
  • Resolved issue where a “face not detected” flag was being created for sessions where the webcam was disabled by the administrator. 
  • Resolved issue where exam administrators were not able to modify critical session recipients in Blackboard. 
  • Resolved issue where the exam window was resizing on the password step when “Exit Honorlock” got clicked. 
  • Resolved error so text overflow for exam guidelines wraps and is visible for exam takers.   

Version 7.2.0 (Web App) + Version 5.10.0 (Extension) October 20, 2022

  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved issues for Mac Exam Takers, where Browser Guard was causing refocusing the share screen step window. 

Version 7.1.0 (Web App) + Version 5.9.0 (Extension) October 4, 2022

  • Accessibility improvements: 
    • The extension installation page is able to be navigated by keyboard. 
    • Actionable items on the extension installation page are able to be read by a screen reader. 
  • For institutions who do not want to receive Critical Session emails, you may contact your assigned CSM (Customer Success Manager) to ask them to turn this feature off so exam administrators will not receive a notification when an academic violation occurs in a session. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • For third party exams, if the exam URL is open, closing the proctoring window will also close the exam tab during authentication steps. 
    • Resolved issue where Blackboard exams were showing Closed to instructors when exam dates weren't set in Blackboard.  

Version 7.0.0 (Web App) + Version 5.8.0 (Extension) September 22, 2022  

  • Accessibility improvements: 
    • Updates made to the coloring, links, and instructions on the Extension Installation page. 
    • Improved handling of network issues during video recording.
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved issue with the text color on several authentication steps.
    • Resolved error of Severity Level not displaying correctly in the Exam Review Page.
    • Resolved issue of the spacing of the Data Collection & Use disclaimer page in ALEKS.
    • Resolved an issue preventing student preview users from starting Honorlock exams on Blackboard Ultra.
    • Resolved an issue where exams were listed as ‘Closed’ to instructors when they were actually available to students.  

Version 6.14.0 (Web App) + Version 5.7.0 (Extension) September 6, 2022

  • Added a reminder for exam administrators to not share the 3rd party exam password with exam takers on the settings page for 3rd party exams because this will allow exam takers to take the exam unproctored. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes 

Version 6.13.0 (Web App) + Version 5.6.0 (Extension) August 23, 2022

  • Added instructions to the Honorlock LTI when the integration has failed so instructors and students know how to resolve any error messages that appear during integration. 
  • Improved the accessibility of BB Ultra exams via keyboard navigation so that exam takers are able to navigate through exams using their keyboard. 
  • Exam administrators will be able to add multiple key administrators to be able to receive academic violation reports. 
    • Please communicate with your designated CSM if your institution wants to add additional key administrators. 
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved error where the calculator on HL was generating an “error” whenever COS was used. 
    • Resolved error where the camerablade was not automatically refreshing for exam takers after losing internet connection. 
    • Resolved issue where alerts during exams were appearing multiple times in several different languages for exam takers. 
    • Resolved issue where practice exams were not functioning in Blackboard Ultra. 
    • Resolved error where the calculator tool was displaying in front of an exam taker’s exam when enabled. 
    • Resolved error where the “expand webcam” command was pushing the webcam out of the browser for exam takers. 
    • Resolved error where an outline was appearing around the search bar when using the HL extension.  

Version 6.12.0 (Web App) + Version 5.5.0 (Extension) August 9, 2022

  • Honorlock will be introducing an updated academic violation workflow for customers with Live Pop-in and Record & Review level service. This includes changes to exam administrator’s viewing of session results. Below are all of the changes you will see starting 8/9/22. For more information and an outline of these changes, please visit the following KnowledgeBase article HERE.
  • Assorted Minor Bug Fixes:
    • Resolved issue where the calculator and support links were not visible on the student toolbar in Universal/Third Party exam for all students.
    • Resolved issue where the Live Chat button was not consistently showing or working in Blackboard Ultra exams.
    • Resolved issue where Blackboard Ultra Exams were breaking when closing the exam. 
    • Resolved issue where exit Honorlock button on Universal/Third Party exams closed proctoring, but Launch page stayed on 80% progress. 

Version 6.11.0 (Web App) + Version 5.4.0 (Extension) July 26, 2022

  • Accessibility improvements: 
    • Exam administrators will be able to add, edit, and view the Settings Page for exams via keyboard controls. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes:
    • Resolved error where the “If you need assistance, click here” button on 3rd Party Exam (60% Progress page) was not working for exam takers. LiveChat will pop up when a user clicks “here.” 
    • Resolved issue where exam takers were unable to relaunch proctoring and get back into an exam if they closed the exam tab. Exam takers are able to re-open the proctoring window and/or accept the user agreement and get back into their exam.   

Version 6.10.0 (Web App) + Version 5.3.0 (Extension) July 12, 2022

  • Updated icons in the sessions viewer to reflect high, medium, and pop-in flags. 
  • Improved Canvas integration to better reflect Canvas exam changes in the Honorlock System. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes: 
    • Updated Universal exam url to work properly when https is not included by the instructor. 
    • Resolved issue where exam administrators were not able to save a new exam with HL on BB Ultra.  

Version 6.9.0 (Web App) + Version 5.2.0 (Extension) June 28, 2022

  • Updated verbiage on error message when a course has not been fully set-up to say, “The installation of Honorlock has not been completed for this course. Please contact your instructor or institution for further assistance, or try again at a later time. ”
  • Accessibility improvement:
    • When tabbing the camera settings icon, the screen reader will read the following: “Click to open camera source selector.” 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes:
    • Resolved error to align text on third party exams to “Insert Password” to guide students through the authentication process.  

Version 6.8.0 (Web App) + Version 5.1.0 (Extension) June 9, 2022

  • The NOTICE icon on the session viewer has been updated to grey instead of blue. 
  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Authentication screens now have proper contrast between the text and background colors. 
    • The select department screen has been updated to have proper color contrast between the banner background and text. 
    • Resolved error where exam takers were not able to use keyboard navigation to get through the Launch Proctoring steps. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes:
    • Resolved error where closing the exam panel prevented taking exams until the extension reloaded on Blackboard Ultra. 
    • Resolved error that caused the MSR check on honorlock.com/support to not work consistently. 

Version 6.7.0 (Web App) + Version 5.0.0 (Extension) May 24, 2022

  • Added ability to retry search on Search & Destroy option if the search fails prior to presenting the manual upload option. 
  • Exam takers will be presented with a “Contact Support” option after three failed attempts in the Student Photo or ID Photo steps. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes: 
  • Resolved error in session viewer where an exam taker’s name was displaying incorrectly when an apostrophe was in their name. 

Version 6.6.0 (Web App) + Version 4.18.0 (Extension) May 17, 2022

  • Added a loading screen to the Search & Destroy display after questions are manually uploaded to indicate a search is being completed. 
  • Accessibility improvements made to the extension installation page. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.  

Version 6.5.0 (Web App) + Version 4.17.0 (Extension) May 12, 2022

  • Honorlock is able to integrate and offer seamless support for Blackboard Ultra users. Visit this article for more information.
  • Updated third party password instructions to indicate passwords cannot contain spaces, single quotes, or double quotes for exam administrators. 
  • Added a message to exam takers on third party exams advising them to use the Insert Password button to begin their exam.
  • Added a Recording indicator to the student toolbar so exam takers are aware the session is being recorded. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes:
    • Resolved issue where “insert password” prompt was not available from the student toolbar for some third party exams. 
    • Resolved issue where the in-exam window was showing an “undefined” heading after an exam is launched in third party exams. 
    • Updated Minimum Systems Requirements text to reflect macOS 10.14. 
    • Updated url to KnowledgeBase support page when screen share permission is denied for an exam taker. 
    • Resolved issue where the student toolbar was not loading on D2L exams. 
    • Resolved an issue where copied courses in Canvas did not reflect the correct instructor.
    • Resolved an issue where Honorlock seed sites would appear in Search and Destroy results. 
    • Resolved error where exam takers were able to close out the camera blade and continue with the exam.  

Version 6.4.0 (Web App) + Version 4.16.1 (Extension) April 5, 2022

  • Updating our email system to a new provider. All Honorlock emails will continue to be sent from the email address, info@honorlock.com
    • We recommend consulting with your IT departments to ensure email deliverability is not interrupted. 
  • Added a help link to shortcut helpguide for the Calculator Keyboard Shortcuts in the HL platform. 
  • Added the ability to manually upload questions in the event Honorlock is unable to automatically pull Search & Destroy questions. 
  • Improved LTI messaging and functionality after course copy for Canvas, messaging will remain on the screen when you navigate away from the LTI. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes:
    • Resolved issue where duplicate attention indicators were showing in the session viewer. 
    • Resolved error where “not found error” displayed when record webcam was disabled. 
    • Resolved issue where Tab key on the keyboard was not allowing user to highlight different options on the Payment screen. 
    • Resolved issue where the HL access code was remaining on Canvas quizzes after selecting “No, do not copy” on the course copy prompt. 
    • Resolved error where student names were listed inconsistently in the session viewer. 
    • Resolved issue where Chrome Extension Install iframe was not scrolling preventing the user from installing the extension. 
    • Resolved error where “Exit Honorlock” message was not warning users they are ending Honorlock proctoring during a universal exam. 
    • Fixed a bug in the exam start-up process that caused some exam takers to get stuck on the Waiting for Authentication screen.  

Version 6.3.0 (Web App) + Version 4.15.0 (Extension) March 22, 2022

  • Assorted minor bug fixes: 
    • Resolved error where the incorrect exam was displayed when using the filter option in the HL dashboard. 
    • Resolved issue where exam taker was getting a “not found error” when Record Webcam was disabled. 
    • Resolved issue where flags were not showing in student list count in the HL dashboard. 
    • Resolved error where exam takers were not able to resume their exam after being asked to re-launch the web-camera when screen recording is disabled. 
  • Updated the relaunch proctoring button to state "Open Proctoring Window" instead of "Open Web Camera." 
  • Exam window will maintain its dimensions as an exam taker enters and exits an exam. 
  • When using the Honorlock LTI, exam administrators will be asked if they would recommend Honorlock to a friend or colleague to gain a better understanding of customer’s sentiments towards Honorlock.


Version 6.2.0 (Web App) + Version 4.14.0 (Extension) March 8, 2022

  • Intellum learners/exam takers are now able to run a system check prior to their exam so they can have confidence their device is prepped for their test. 
    • Mac OS 10.14 and higher 
    • Windows 11
    • Windows 10
    • Chrome version 93 and higher
  • The language in the focus lost message has been changed to ease exam-taker anxiety. When an exam taker is out of focus and idle, they will receive this message, “Your exam browser is out of focus and idle. Please return to your exam window.” 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes. 


Version 6.1.0 (Web App) + Version 4.13.0 (Extension) February 22, 2022

  • Additional improvements to focus lost flagging to improve proctor interventions. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.  


Version 6.0.0 (Web App) + Version 4.12.0 (Extension) February 8, 2022

  • Improvements made to the in-exam Camera Blade look and feel on February 10, for more information please refer to the Camera Blade Updates Article in the KnowledgeBase. 
  • Resolved issue where the exam taker was not able to select a camera source when relaunching an exam. 
  • AI will run during room scans and in between room scans and the start of an exam. 
  • Resolved issue where “disconnect all monitors” was not resolved after external monitor was disconnected. 
  • Additional improvements to focus lost flagging: 
    • When Browser Guard is turned on, screenshots will be captured for proctor review. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes. 


Version 5.17.0 (Web App) + Version 4.11.0 (Extension) January 25, 2022

  • Improved focus lost flagging. 
    • Added notification to students when attempting to navigate away from the browser. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes. 


Search & Destroy Updates January 18, 2022

  • Improvements made to Search & Destroy feature: 
    • Exam administrators have the ability to send DMCA takedown requests themselves. 
    • Better identify commonly found questions to ensure exam integrity. 
    • Categorize questions into three categories: Compromised Items, Commonly Found Items, and Unique Items. 
    • Please visit the following KnowledgeBase article for more information: https://honorlock.kb.help/search-destroy-guide/ 


Version 5.16.0 (Web App) + Version 4.10.0 (Extension) January 11, 2022

  • Resolved issue where exam administrators were unable to view exam results properly. 
  • Resolved issue where exam was paused for exam taker when multiple monitors were permitted and used. 
  • Improved the in-exam camera. 
    • Exam takers can view the webcam without clicking away from the exam. 
    • The camera window can be resized.
    • Added permission to extension to allow camera view within exam window. 
  • Resolved issue where exam administrators were receiving a white screen when attempting to view multi-device detection recordings. 
  • Resolved issue preventing the use of special characters in third party exam passwords. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.  


Version 5.15.0 (Web App) + Version 4.9.0 (Extension) December 21, 2021

  • Resolved issue where flags were not showing up on Student Results Page. 
  • Exam takers can view what Honorlock supports as part of the system check to ensure they are on the up-to-date and best versions of OS/Browser.
  • Resolved issue where exam takers were receiving an "unauthenticated error" message when resuming an exam. 
  • Resolved issue where exam administrators were unable to login. 
  • Resolved issue to maintain the disablement of the copy/paste function when navigating between pages on third party platforms. 
  • Exam takers will be locked from all non-Chrome chromium browsers when installing the Honorlock extension. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes. 


Version 5.14.0 (Web App) + Version 4.8.0 (Extension) November 18, 2021

  • Resolved issue where students were unable to take assessments on RealizeIt platform. 
  • Accessibility improvements made to the student keyboard navigation. 
  • Assorted minor bug fixes. 


Version 5.13.0 (Web App) + Version 4.7.0 (Extension) November 11, 2021

  • Updated LTI error messages to better identify authentication issues.
  • Improved handling of camera permission changes mid-exam.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.


Version 5.12.0 (Web App) + Version 4.6.0 (Extension) October 28, 2021

  • The outline on the ID verification step has been reduced in size. This will encourage exam-takers to hold their ID card at a distance where their webcam can clearly capture the card.
  • Accessibility improvements have been added, including adjustments to text spacing.
  • Resolved a bug where the pagination on the Student Results table did not reset when a sort option has been modified.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.


Version 5.11.0 (Web App) + Version 4.5.0 (Extension) October 12, 2021

  • 'Test Window Lost Focus' will appear as a high flag instead of a medium flag. 
  • In Honorlock Student Results, students are listed as Last Name, First Name.
  • For Universal Third-Party exams: Updated the look of the password field once the Insert Password button has been selected.
  • Canvas: Students previously encountered an Access Denied error when opening an unpublished Honorlock-enabled exam. Now, only published Honorlock-enabled exams are visible in the Student Honorlock LTI.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.


Version 5.10.0 (Web App) + Version 4.4.0 (Extension) September 23, 2021

  • Added search, sort, and filter functions on the exam list page.


  • Student sessions can be sorted by high or medium flags, and the low flag filter has been removed.
  • Improved the ID verification process.
    • The image quality of the IDs has been improved.
    • Updated the language provided to students prior to the ID verification step:


  • Improved the AI to reduce false multi-face flags.
  • Improved the verbiage for the missing parameters error message instructors may receive when certain fields are missing from the LMS account, such as an email address.
  • Resolved a bug where sessions were marked with a high ‘exam browser closed’ flag when the exam was auto-submitted due to the time expiring.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.


Version 5.9.0 (Web App) + Version 4.3.0 (Extension) September 9, 2021

  • For students testing with our Universal integration: An Insert Password button has been added above the student toolbar.



  • A Flags column has been added to the Student Results page to list the number of each type of flag that occurred during the session. Sessions where a Live Pop-In occurred will have a Live Pop-In indicator. The Sort By: menu on the Student Results page has been updated to improve the prioritization of the student sessions to review.



  • Selecting one or more filters will only display sessions that contain one or more of the selected flag types. Sessions without one of the selected flag types will not be displayed.



  • Improved accessibility on the Student Results page. 
    • All elements within the page can be navigated with the Tab key. 
    • The Student Results page dynamically responds to the browser window size.
    • Other accessibility improvements have been implemented, including color contrast adjustments.
    • The VPAT will be updated in mid-September to include these improvements.


Version 5.8.0 (Web App) + Version 4.2.0 (Extension) August 31, 2021

  • When Restroom Breaks Allowed is active, students can leave the testing area for up to five minutes without their exam being paused or flagged.



  • When Take Exam in Public Area is active, Honorlock will not flag exams with multiple faces visible in the webcam.



  • The time bar within the Student Session Viewer can now be selected to navigate to different portions of the exam footage.




  • Confirmation prompts will appear when attempting to perform the following actions:
    • Add an Honorlock Practice Exam
    • Apply an Exam Profile
    • Delete an Exam Profile
    • Disable an Honorlock-enabled exam
    • Delete a third-party exam registered with Honorlock
  • Improved the syncing between the webcam and screenshare videos within the Student Session Viewer.
  • Assorted minor bug fixes.


Version 5.7.1 (Web App) + Version 4.1.0 (Extension) August 17, 2021

  • The Disable Copy/Paste toggle has been added to Universal exam proctoring settings. 


  • For institution administrators: Honorlock can remove the option that allows instructors to download student exam footage. If you wish to have this option removed for your institution, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager. 


  • Assorted minor bug fixes.


Version 5.6.0 (Web App) + Version 4.0.0 (Extension) August 3, 2021

  • A student toolbar is now available on Honorlock exams to allow for quick access to mid-exam tools.


The features of the toolbar are as follows:

Calculator - This will open or close the Honorlock basic or scientific calculator if made available by the instructor.

Exam Guidelines & Allowed Websites - This will open a sidebar containing the instructor's exam guidelines and any authorized URLs will be provided here.

Proctor Window - Selecting this button will bring the Honorlock Proctoring Window to the front of the screen. This may be useful if the proctoring window is hidden or if the student needs to adjust their webcam to remain in view.

Hide Toolbar - This will collapse the toolbar. While the toolbar is collapsed, it can be dragged along the bottom of the exam window.

Selecting the three vertical dots on the right of the toolbar will provide links to the Honorlock KnowledgeBase and our 24/7 Honorlock chat support.

For more information on the new student toolbar, please visit the Honorlock Student Toolbar Overview page.

  • For students testing with our Universal integration: Selecting the Calculator button will open the calculator on the launch page. In addition, an orange Exit Honorlock button will be available on the right side of the toolbar and should be selected when the exam has been submitted to end Honorlock Proctoring.



  • For Universal and Blackboard users: Resolved a bug where instructor menu items were not fully appearing on the Upload Questions page.


  • Assorted minor bug fixes.



Version 5.5.0 (Web App) + Version 3.9.0 (Extension) July 13, 2021


  • Resolved a bug where students were unable to use the insert password function on Edulastic third-party exams.


Version 5.4.0 (Web App) + Version 3.8.0 (Extension) June 24, 2021

  • Resolved a bug where the Honorlock System Check was inaccurately accepting Microsoft Edge as a supported browser. Students will be prompted to download and use Google Chrome if a non-supported browser is in use.


  • Resolved a bug where some students received a medium Online Resource Accessed flag when accessing the exam content.


  • Resolved a bug where some students could not drag and drop answers on third-party exams.


  • Resolved a bug where students were unable to use the insert password function on Edulastic third-party exams.


Version 5.3.0 (Web App) + Version 3.7.0 (Extension) June 8, 2021

  • Improved the student payment experience. Students will now see all available payment options used by their institution (Pay for Exam, Pay for Course, or Enter Token) as the first step of the payment process. This will only impact schools where student-pay is an option.


  • Improved facial detection in the Profile Picture authentication step to ensure that the student’s face is entirely in view.


  • Improved performance of session results in courses with large student enrollments.


  • For Blackboard users: Improved the accuracy of the “Exam Browser Closed” flag.


  • For Blackboard users: Resolved a bug where some students could not successfully relaunch their webcam when prompted to do so.


  • Resolved a bug where some students would not be prompted to relaunch Honorlock when an internet disconnection occurred.


Version 5.2.0 (Web App) + Version 3.6.0 (Extension) May 18, 2021


  • Updated the user interface of the Launch Proctoring page. The student guidelines are now categorized to the student as allowed and not allowed. If an exam has Allowed URLs enabled, the links will be shared with the student on the Launch Proctoring page. To see what the new student experience looks like, you can review THIS video.


  • URLs are now clickable in mid-exam notifications.


  • Improved LTI role security.


Version 5.1.0 (Web App) April 22, 2021

  • Students will no longer be flagged or have their exam paused for being partially out of view if Scratch Paper Allowed, Notes Allowed, or Open Book Allowed is toggled on. Students that are completely out of view will still be flagged.


  • For customers that utilize our Live Proctoring level of service, proctors will no longer perform Live Pop-Ins on students that are partially out of view if the Scratch Paper Allowed, Notes Allowed, or Open Book Allowed toggles are on. There will also be a time adjustment for the AI to alert proctors of when a student is completely out of view.


  • Fixed a bug associated with exporting large student summary reports.


  • Resolved a bug associated with missing course names/CRNs from D2L in the usage report that CSMs provide Key Administrators.


  • Additional security improvements and bug fixes.


Version 5.0.0 (Web App) + Version 3.5.0 (Extension) April 6, 2021

  • Failsafe Retrieval - Faculty will now have the ability to request failsafe images for a student session. These are available when a student with a poor internet connection takes an exam and Honorlock saves still images of the exam taker, rather than a video. Once the request is submitted, you will receive an email alerting you that the images have been compiled and are available for download from the session viewer. For more information on how to request and access the failsafe images, please review our Failsafe Images article


  • For Universal third-party exams, when the student is ready to insert the password to begin the exam, the button text on the Honorlock camera window has been changed to “Click Here to Insert Password.” 


  • We have adjusted our room scan prompt text to “Make sure to show your desk area in the room scan.” 


  • Enhanced Allowed Site URLs user interface. The functionality of Allowed Site URLs is unchanged.



  • Browser Guard performance improvements for MacOS.


  • Chat transcripts when a Live Pop-In is conducted between the proctor and student will now be visible in the Session Viewer.


Version 4.9.0 (Web App) & Version 3.4.0 (Extension) March 9, 2021

  • Face Detection improvements: In order to improve efficiency for our proctoring team and our instructors, we now have two separate logs for Face Not Clearly Visible (marked as a Medium or Yellow flag in the session; when the student’s face is partially visible in the camera view) and Face Not Detected (marked as a High or Red flag; when the student’s face is not visible within the camera view).


  • Resolved a bug causing Blackboard Classic courses in a Blackboard Ultra institution to be unable to see the calculator or livechat options in some instances.


  • The camera dropdown is now hidden from students until the camera is activated


  • Improved the reliability of the Disable Copy Paste toggle in Canvas.


  • Fixed a bug causing some users to encounter errors saving exams due to time zone settings.


  • Disabled global bypass pins for institutions by default.


Version 4.7.0 (Web App) & Version 3.3.0 (Extension) February 9, 2021

  • Improvements for our beta-version of Blackboard Ultra (additional information coming about this integration in the coming weeks)


  • Removed the Honorlock support phone number from the practice exam


  • Resolved sporadic issues in the session viewer causing video footage to loop when watching at speeds faster than 1x


  • Updated Blackboard to show "Exam Browser Closed" flag when a student does not close the exam through the normal submit button


Version 4.4.0 (Web App) & Version 3.1.0 (Extension) December 28, 2020

  • Honorlock now contains a feature that allows each institution to work with their CSM to establish departments within Honorlock. With the assistance of your dedicated CSM, departmental usage reports can be generated on a monthly cadence; additionally, if your contract is set up with various methods of payment, this will allow departments to have those reflected within Honorlock. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you're interested in setting those up, and we'll be happy to configure those with you. Once those have been set up, each faculty member will be asked to select the department to which each course belongs; we have created this guide to assist them in that process.


  • We made a change that will allow a select few beta customers to begin testing the first iteration of Honorlock’s new Blackboard Ultra integration. Additional details about this integration will be shared in the coming weeks.


  • We fixed a bug where third-party/universal exams were showing the incorrect end time.


  • Improvements to the Disable Cut/Copy feature.


Version 4.3.0 (Web App) & Version 3.0.0 (Extension) November 25, 2020

  • Honorlock can now push urgent mid-exam notifications to students during their exams should there be an exam setup issue or any service interruption. This capability exists across Blackboard, D2L, and Canvas, as well as for 3rd party assessments.



  • We made formatting improvements to the Honorlock Summary Report and the PDF export page. Students receiving a high flag will now appear appropriately.


Version 4.2.4 (Web App) November 19, 2020

  • Performance improvements


Version 2.9.7 (Extension) November 18, 2020

  • Fix an issue causing students’ exams to pause in non-proctored scenarios
  • Fix an issue where the calculator was not accessible for certain Canvas exams


Version 2.9.6 (Extension) November 16, 2020

  • Accessibility improvements


Version 4.2.2 (Web App) November 3, 2020

  • Unpause student exam in 3 seconds or less once the face is in frame
  • Fix an issue where D2L instructors were getting an error message when clicking on the Honorlock LTI
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