Academic Violation Workflow Updates

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

On August 9, 2022 - Honorlock will be introducing an updated academic violation workflow for customers with Live Pop -In and Record & Review level service. This includes changes to exam administrator’s viewing of session results. Below are all of the changes you will see starting 8/9/22. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like additional training for your institution - please reach out to your assigned Customer Success Manager.

Outlined is a list of updated verbiage. 

  • Critical Session Reports will be sent every six hours with the number of exams with logged academic violations for institutions with Live-Pop in service. To manage critical session email addresses, visit this new KnowledgeBase article here
    • Critical Session Reports will continue to be sent every 72 hours with the number of exams with logged academic violations for institutions with Record & Review level of service. 
  • The Exam Summary in the Honorlock LTI will include the ability to easily identify sessions with Violations, Pop Ins, High, and Medium flags with searchable filters and labels. Updated images of badges and filters can be found here
  • The Exam Summary Report in the Honorlock LTI will now have a header outlining the number of critical sessions, sessions with high flags, and sessions with no issues. 
  • Exam administrators are now able to manage who receives critical session reports on the Exam Settings page in the Honorlock LTI. 
    • The added users must be associated with the course, if they are not associated with the organization & course, you will receive an error message. 
    • Key Administrators can be automatically added to receive critical session reports if they reach out to their Customer Success Manager asking them to do so. 
  • If an exam administrator and key administrator has not yet been set for a course, the emails will be sent to users enrolled on the platform as “teachers/instructors” for Canvas & D2L. For any other platform, it will be sent to the user that has enabled the exam. 
  • Recording to webinar outlining changes can be found here
  • Updated KnowledgeBase articles are outlined below: 
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