Violation Workflow Updates

2 min. readlast update: 04.22.2024

Honorlock updated the violation workflow for customers with Live Pop-In and Record & Review level service on 8/9/22. This includes changes to the instructor or exam administrator’s viewing of session results.  If you have any questions or concerns or would like additional training for your institution - please reach out to your assigned Success Manager.

Outlined is a list of updated verbiage. 


  • Critical Session Reports will be sent every six hours with the number of exams with logged violations for institutions or organizations with Live-Pop in service. To manage critical session email addresses, visit this new KnowledgeBase article here
    • Critical Session Reports will continue to be sent every 72 hours with the number of exams with logged violations for institutions or organizations with Record & Review level of service. 
  • The Exam Summary in the Honorlock LTI includes the ability to easily identify sessions with Violations, Pop-Ins, High and Medium flags with searchable filters and labels. Updated images of badges and filters can be found here
  • The Exam Summary Report in the Honorlock LTI has a header outlining the number of critical sessions, sessions with high flags, and sessions with no issues. 
  • Exam administrators can manage who receives critical session reports on the Exam Settings page in the Honorlock LTI. 
    • The added users must be associated with the course. If they are not associated with the course, you will receive an error message. 
    • Key Administrators can be automatically added to receive critical session reports if they reach out to their Success Manager asking them to do so. 
  • If the exam administrator and key administrator have not yet been set for a course, the emails will be sent to users enrolled on the platform as “teachers/instructors” for Canvas and D2L. For any other platform, they will be sent to the user who has enabled the exam. 
  • Updated KnowledgeBase articles are outlined below: 
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