Managing Critical Session Email Addresses

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The below articles and images are applicable as of August 9th.

This guide will walk you through managing Critical Session Recipient Email Addresses. These will be the admins that receive an email with a Critical Session Report, every time an Academic Violation is found. 

1) Access Settings from the LTI.


2) Click on the drop down menu next to Critical Session Recipients, and select the recipients you wish to add. Note: There is no limit to the number you may add. 

For Canvas, D2L, and Blackboard, those selected from the drop down menu will receive the email. For Canvas and D2L, the default will include people who are instructors in the course AND have previously launched the LTI in that course. For Blackboard, the default will be whoever enabled the exam. The dropdown for Canvas, D2L, and Blackboard will display anyone with who has previously launched the Honorlock LTI within the course. For Aleks and Intellum, while there is no visible dropdown, emails will go to the enabler of the exam (which is typically an internal employee).

 Note : The institution key administrator may be set separately to receive a copy of ALL institution critical sessions in collaboration with their designated CSM. 


3)Scroll down and click Save.

Note: Critical session recipients will NOT be saved to exam profiles, so will need to be set every time.   

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