Reviewing a Summary Report

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The below articles and images are applicable as of August 9th.

The full proctoring Summary Report can be accessed and reviewed once the exam's due date has passed and will be available for both native LMS exams and registered third party exams.

1) Log in to your Learning Management System (LMS) as an instructor and navigate to the Honorlock LTI found within your course. If you require additional assistance with locating our LTI, please reach out to your institution's Key Administrator.

2) Locate the exam you want to review. Click on the Results button associated with that assessment.  


3) In the top-right corner, click on Summary Report to begin reviewing the details of your student's exam sessions.  


4) The full report for your exam results will only become available once the exam's due date has passed. Within the report, you can review a high-level overview of the flags captured by our AI (artificial intelligence). 

The summary report's top portion will provide you with information about Students with Critical Sessions, Students w/High Flags and Students with no issues.  

  • Students w/ Critical Sessions- Exam sessions where 1 or more violations were observed.
  • Students w/ High Flags- Exam sessions that have at least one high-incident flag marked by the AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Student w/ no issues - Student exam sessions that do not have a violation.

5) Below the summary, each student session will include additional information about the marked flags during their exam and the timestamps they occurred.  

6) The report can then be exported as a PDF, if needed, back at the top of the page.


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