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Troubleshoot: Unable to Install or Disabled Extension

The purpose of this document is to provide steps when you are unable to install the extension or the extension is disabled and you are unable to enable it. This may look like the extension remaining in a disabled or off state when navigating to chrome://extensions. It may also not appear on the upper right hand corner, even after initially installing it, causing recurrent prompts to install the extension in the LMS.

Some extensions may prevent the Honorlock extension from being installed, enabled or functioning properly. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

1) Enter “chrome://extensions” into your address bar in a separate tab


2) Disable all other extensions, by clicking on the toggle. You will know it is disabled, because it will turn gray from blue.

Note: Typically, you will run into this issue if you also have Proctorio or ProctorU because these disable the Honorlock extension. These extensions must be disabled.  



3) Enable the Honorlock extension by clicking on the toggle. You will know it is enabled because it will turn blue. Then, attempt to launch proctoring.

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