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The following article will outline the steps to take when there is a "Not Found Error" when launching proctoring and using MacOS. 

Close the proctoring window and follow the steps below:

Verify That your Camera is Working

Open the Photo Booth or FaceTime app on your Mac to ensure you can see yourself in the camera application

  1. Click on the Launchpad, located within your dock. 
  2. Click on Photo Booth or FaceTime. 
  3. If you cannot see yourself, please check your Mac for updates, run them, restart the device, and check Photo Booth or FaceTime again. If you still cannot see yourself, this indicates a problem with your device's internal camera, and you may need to reach out to Apple Support. 
  4. If you can see yourself, please continue with the steps below. 

Check Google Chrome for Updates

If you can see yourself in Photo Booth or FaceTime and you're still receiving a "Not Found Error," it's very likely that this issue is caused by an out-of-date Google Chrome.

  1. In Chrome, copy and paste the following URL in a new tab to navigate to your "About Chrome" page. chrome://settings/help
  2. If Chrome has an available update and can update, it will update automatically once you navigate to the URL above. 
  3. Once Chrome is done updating, you will be prompted to relaunch. Please click "Relaunch". Any tabs opened previously will reopen.
  4. After Chrome relaunches, relaunch proctoring for Honorlock via your course page.   The prompts to complete the proctoring steps should be visible for you to complete.

Note: If the above steps do not work or if you encounter a new error, please contact Honorlock Support via chat for further troubleshooting. 


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