How to Use Honorlock with a Universal Exam (Test Takers)

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Honorlock Universal Third Party Integration allows the test taker to test outside their LMS, via a third-party publisher website, while their session is still being proctored. 

Before you begin, you must download Google Chrome and have the Honorlock extension installed to take your exam. To download Chrome, click here; to download the extension, click here.

Scroll to read the step-by-step instructions or review the video below:    

1) Within your LMS (Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, Moodle), find your respective course, and locate and launch the Honorlock LTI. You will be directed to the Honorlock Launch Page, which will assist with tracking your overall exam progress, and provide instructions for each step.

2) Return to the Honorlock Launch page, and agree to Honorlock's Terms of Service and our Exam Taker Privacy Notice policy before launching proctoring. Select continue. Note: This is the pinned tab with the shield.  



3) Once you are ready to begin the authentication process, click on Begin Authentication.



4) If Browser Guard is enabled, you will be prompted with the message below. Once you click on continue, you will not be able to access any other applications or resources. Any attempts to do so will be flagged for academic review. You will then be prompted to review Privacy Details and select I understand to continue.


5) You will receive a prompt, as Honorlock requires access to your device’s webcam and microphone. To allow this and move forward with your exam, click Allow.

6) After allowing Honorlock access, you will be prompted to take a photo of yourself as part of Honorlock’s authentication process. Center your face and take a photo by clicking Take Photo. 

7) An ID Photo will also be required for Honorock’s authentication process. Hold your photo ID into the frame and click on Take ID Photo. Please ensure your ID is centered and clearly visible during this process.

8) The last step of the authentication process is the 360° Room Scan. To complete a successful room scan, click Begin and rotate your camera 360°, showing your entire test-taking environment and desk area. 


9) After you have completed your room scan, you will be asked to confirm your recording. The recording will playback for you to reference. Once you have confirmed the room scan and are satisfied with the recording, click Submit

10) After selecting Submit, the next step will be to launch the screen recording. To begin, click Proceed.


11) To complete the screen recording setup, click on the screen you wish to share, and then click the Share button.

12) The last step in the process of launching a third party exam is accessing the exam itself. Open a new tab, navigate back to the course page, locate the link to the third-party site. (Do not return to the Honorlock tab and click on the Launch button again.  This will restart the procotoring steps(face photo, ID photo, Room Scan, Screen Share).

If you have login, user name and password for the third-party site, click on the Open Exam Site button and login.  

If you access the third-party site from your couse page, open a new tab, navigate to the course and locate the third-party integration link. Open the site, locate your exam, follow the prompts on the screen.

13) Follow the guided prompt in the bottom left corner of your test window in order to locate the third party exam. Once located, click I Have Found My Exam. 


14) To gain access to the exam, click the Unlock Exam button located in the guided prompt found in the bottom-left corner of your test window which will populate the exam password within the required field.




15) Once the exam password has populated within the field, proceed to click on Submit (this button/verbiage could be slightly different depending on the third party). Doing this will grant you access to your exam. Please note that if BrowserGuardTM is not enabled for your exam, you will not see the blue border around the testing window as shown in the image below. You can minimize the Honorlock Proctoring window at any time. 

16) Once you are done with your exam, you can proceed to submit your test.

17) Once you see the confirmation page, you have successfully ended your proctoring session and no further action is required. 

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