Honorlock Best Practices for Test Takers

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Please ensure your system and browser are up to date to ensure you have the best experience while using our services.  

It is always recommended that you reference the article, “How to Use Honorlock,” with the specific LMS you will be utilizing. Note: When completing a Universal/Third Party Exam, be sure to access the third party website externally and log in, in addition to launching the exam from your LMS (Canvas, D2L or Blackboard) to proceed with the verification process. 

In this article and video, you will find some common best practices and basic troubleshooting steps for microphone and camera errors. If you need additional assistance, we recommend using the search bar to find different troubleshooting articles. You can always reach out to our support team via Live Chat.  

Here are the website links mentioned in the video:

Minimum System Requirements

Test Taker Privacy Resources 

Honorlock Test Taker Toolbar Overview 

Proctoring Overview

Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of Honorlock's proctoring experience.


For more information and answers to frequently asked questions, visit Honorlock FAQs for Test Takers

The following are common components to check should you experience any difficulties or error messages. 

Confirming the Camera is Operational (Windows)

The purpose of this step is to ensure that the user’s Camera is functioning properly. 1) In the bottom right search bar, type “Camera” and select the app. 2) Once the app is open, ensure you see yourself in the camera. 3) If you receive an error message, please check to see if updates are available. Find those steps and more for Windows 10 and 11 HERE.


Not readable Error Mic

The purpose of these steps are to ensure the user’s Microphone is functioning properly and in the event a “Not Readable Error mic,” error is received. 1) Locate the sound icon in the bottom right and right click on it. Then select “Open Sound Settings”.


 2) Within Sound settings, scroll down to the “Input” section and select “Manage sound devices”.


3) Under “Input Devices” select your preferred Microphone and ensure that the only option available is “Disable”. If the option listed is “Enable” it needs to be selected to turn on the Mic.


If you are using a Mac: Confirming the Camera is Operational 

1) Open PhotoBooth or Facetime (Accessible through the dock or by searching for it).

2) Ensure you can see yourself in the camera’s view

3) Error messages present within PhotoBooth or Facetime indicate an issue with the camera itself.

4) Common resolutions for camera errors on Mac include incremental OS updates, regular OS updates, or a device restart.         

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