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How to Use Honorlock (Student)

1) Navigate to your exam within your LMS (Canvas, D2L, or Blackboard) and agree to Honorlock's Terms of Service and our Exam Taker Privacy Notice policy before Continue to Exam Guidelines .


2) Review the exam guidelines and select Launch Proctoring. If you do not see the Launch Proctoring button or are prompted for an access code even though you have installed the Honorlock Extension, please click here.  

3) A small window will open to start proctoring for your exam. Depending on the settings of your exam, you may not have to complete all of the below steps. 

4) If your professor has enabled BrowserGuard, you will be prompted to close any tabs not allowed by your professor. Click Close All Tabs to automatically close all open browser tabs. 


5) If Browser Guard is enabled, you will be prompted with the message below. Once you click on continue, you will not be able to access any other applications or resources. Any attempts to do so will be flagged for academic review. You will then be prompted to review Privacy Details and select I understand to continue.


6) You will then be prompted to take your photo. If you have not used Honorlock previously, you will be prompted to allow Honorlock access to your camera and microphone. You must select Allow to proceed with proctoring your exam. If you selected Deny or encounter any other camera errors, please click HERE for troubleshooting steps. 

8) Following successful ID and photo validation, you may need to complete a Room Scan. You must show your entire workspace, including desk area, surrounding areas, any scratch paper or additional resources allowed by your professor. After filming the room scan, you will have the option to review the video and re-record if necessary. 

9) You will now need to allow screen recording access. Click Proceed. 


10) Once all authentication steps are completed, you will be prompted to start your exam. Select Begin. Your exam will now be accessible in the main browser window. 

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