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How to translate the KnowledgeBase

The purpose of this document is to educate the user on how to translate the KnowledgeBase. 


Note: This extension will translate everything on the page, including test verbiage.

1) Add the Google Translate extension to chrome by searching in google for “Google Translate,” or by clicking HERE. Click Add to Chrome, and then Add extension.

2) Once added, you may find it helpful to pin it to the top right corner of the browser. Do so, by clicking on the extension icon at the top right corner, by your profile image.


Then, click on the pin icon, to the right of “Google Translate.”


You will find it pinned at the top right corner of your browser.

3) Once you are on the page you want to translate, simply click on the Google Translate icon at the top.




5) From the top left, click on the drop down arrow, next to where the language appears, and select the language you want the page to translate to.


6) Once selected, Google Translate will automatically translate the entire page to the chosen language. 

Note: The process must be done for each page you navigate to. 

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