Grey camera icon with slash through it

2 min. readlast update: 05.09.2024

If you launch proctoring and are not able to see yourself in the camera and a grayed-out camera with a slash through it is present your device may have a privacy shutter covering the camera. Open your camera application by going to the Windows button and searching Camera to see if you can see yourself in your camera application. If you cannot see yourself,  you may have a camera privacy shutter or camera privacy button on your device and it is currently in the privacy mode.  


Several devices have a privacy shutter or camera on/off key present to make turning your camera on and off easy. Lenovo, Dell, HP, and ASUS are popular brands with this option.  

  1. Check your device for a privacy shutter. The device may have a slide bar on the computer's top near the camera. Slide your finger across the top of your device near your webcam to see if a privacy shield is present. 
  2. The device may have a camera privacy shutter slide on the left side of your device.


  1. Your device may have a camera icon key that is used with or without the FN key. This may be the F8, or any of the function keys along the top row of your keyboard. 
  2. Your device may have a Shutter key to open and close the privacy shutter. This key is typically located within the top row of Function keys but can be located any where on your keyboard.  Press the key with the camera icon and open your camera application to see if you are able to see yourself in the application.   
  3. If the problem persists, please restart your device.




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