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Browser Guard and Allowed Site URLs FAQ

What is Browser Guard? 

Browser Guard is an Honorlock feature that provides enhanced exam security. It can be turned on with a simple click of a toggle in your Honorlock exam settings. When enabled, Browser Guard will prevent your students from accessing websites or browser tabs, using other applications, or resizing the test page window to less than 90% of the screen.

Please note that due to some device limitations, Browser Guard will work to varying degrees. For additional details, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

What if I want to allow my students to use an ebook or other internet resource?

To allow students to access an ebook or other internet resource, Honorlock has an Allowed Site URLs toggle that faculty can enable. 

How do I allow website URLs?

To allow a website URL, first, enable 'Allowed Site URLs' and follow the onscreen instructions to add the allowed website(s). Please keep in mind that the more granular the website URL, the better control over what content can be accessed. For example, if you want to limit a student to one particular internet resource and not the entire website’s library, include the full URL link. 

 What if I want to allow my students to use an application, like Microsoft Excel?

There may be times when administering an exam, an exam taker needs access to different documents and resources. Honorlock allows you as an exam admin, the ability to allow access that falls within your exam guidelines, while still proctoring the exam. Please refer to this article for more information. 

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