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Allowing Access to Documents during a Proctored Exam

There may be times when administering an exam, an exam taker needs access to different documents and resources. Honorlock allows you as an exam admin, the ability to allow access that falls within your exam guidelines, while still proctoring the exam. The following are ways to do so: 

  • Microsoft Suite items: We recommend loading your documents into your Google Drive and allowing that URL in the Student Proctoring Settings, under Configuration: Allowed URLs. For best practices on converting Microsoft Suite files to Google files, please visit this article. Google Drive gives different links for viewing and editing a document, so make sure the correct link is provided in this section. For more information, please use this article.

  • Ebooks or other internet resources: Similar to above, we recommend adding the URL to the Ebook or other internet resource under Configuration: Allowed URLs. For these types of links, we recommend including any URLs needed to login to the Ebook site or other tool site. Please make sure these links do not include redirects. It is essential you include ALL correct links or use vague links to better cover all needed pages for your exams. 
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