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Troubleshoot: Blocked by Admin Error

The purpose of this document is to provide steps to correct the “Blocked by admin,” error message.This message appears when the organization or administrator privileges restrict the installation of extensions. 

The Chrome profile that you are signed into may cause this error to occur. If you are logged into your school account and you believe you should be able to download the Chrome extension, please contact your school's IT department for assistance. The remainder of this article will explain how to log out of your current profile and into a new or existing one.

Follow the steps below:

1) Log out of your personal/school Google Account

2) Close out the browser window

3) Launch a new Chrome browser

4) You may try to sign into a different account, such as a personal chrome profile, if you already have one, and re-attempt the download . If you do not have another personal account to try, you may create a new Chrome profile. Click HERE for more information on Creating a new Chrome Profile.

NOTE: The Guest Mode, will not work.  


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