How to use Honorlock with Intellum

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Before you begin, you will need to download Google Chrome and have the Honorlock extension installed to take your exam. To download Chrome, click here; to download the extension, click here.

1) Within your Intellum LMS, find your respective course, and launch the event.

 2) Honorlock will detect if you do not have the Honorlock extension installed, and you will be prompted to install the extension before continuing the proctoring authentication steps. Select the Install Honorlock Chrome extension button.

3) Review and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then select Add Extension. You will be directed to the Chrome Web Store where you can add the Honorlock extension to Google Chrome.

4) Return to your assessment page. Please read the Data Collection & Use Policy. Then, select the check marks to authorize the collection of data and acknowledge your agreement to Honorlock’s Terms of Service. Then, select Continue to Exam Guidelines. On the next screen, review Exam Guidelines, and select Launch Proctoring




5) If Browser Guard is enabled, you will be prompted with the message below. Once you click on continue, you will not be able to access any other applications or resources. Any attempts to do so will be flagged for academic review. You will then be prompted to review Privacy Details and select I understand to continue.

 6) Honorlock will require access to your device’s webcam and microphone. Your screen and webcam will be recorded as part of the proctoring process. To allow and move forward with your exam, click Allow.

7) The first step of authentication, if required, is the photo. Please center your face into the frames and select Take Photo. 


8) An ID Photo may be required as part of Honorlock’s authentication process. You may use an institution-issued or a government-issued photo ID. When you have the ID card ready, select Continue.


9) Hold your photo ID into the frame and select Take Photo. Please be sure that your ID is centered and clearly visible.


10) You may be required to perform a room scan. You’ll be prompted to pick up your webcam or laptop and scan your entire testing environment. Please abide by your organization’s guidelines pertaining to the room scan. 


11) Once you have completed the room scan, you may select I’m Done.


12) You will be shown a video replay of your room scan attempt. If you need to perform another attempt because you may have missed something, please select Redo. Otherwise, select Submit. 


13) The next step will be to launch the screen recording. Select Proceed.  


 14) To complete the screen recording setup, click on the screen you wish to share, and then click the Share button.

 15) Once all authentication steps are completed, you will be prompted to start your exam. When you are ready, select Click to Begin. Your exam will now be accessible in the main browser window.

16) During the assessment, you will have access to a mid-exam toolbar at the bottom right of the page.

Minimize Window - This will collapse the toolbar. This feature may be useful if there is exam content behind the toolbar and would otherwise be inaccessible. While the toolbar is collapsed, you may drag the toolbar along the bottom of the exam window.

Selecting Expand Toolbar will bring back the full toolbar.

Selecting the three vertical dots on the right of the toolbar will provide links to the Honorlock KnowledgeBase and our 24/7 Honorlock chat support.

17) When you have submitted the assessment, Honorlock Proctoring will end.

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