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Uploading Questions with Universal

Once your Universal Third-Party exam is created within Honorlock, you will have the ability to export your exam questions (from your preferred third-party website) and upload them into our LTI in order to benefit from our tools such as Search & Destroy and Multi-Device Detection.

Uploading Your Exam Questions

1) Navigate to your preferred third-party website and export your exam questions. Instructions on how to complete this process will vary based on the website being used to administer your exam. Please note that the file must be exported and saved as a CSV file (comma delimited). Additionally, the exported file must only contain one column and cannot include any headers.

2) Once you have exported your exam questions, navigate to the Honorlock LTI within your course (located within your Learning Management System). Please reach out to your institution’s Key Administrator if you require additional assistance with locating our LTI.

3) Locate your created third-party assessment and proceed to click on Settings.


4) Within the settings for the exam, click on the Question Upload tab.

5) From the upload tab, you will have the ability to either drag in, or select, your CSV file containing your exam’s questions.

6) Once you have selected your question file, review the questions to ensure that they have been uploaded correctly. Once you are satisfied, proceed to click on Save to process. As a best practice, we recommend completing this process at least 48 hours prior to the start date of your exam.