Pro Mode Overview

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Pro Mode Overview

Currently, Pro Mode is available for Professional Education programs only. When enabled, for an organization, test takers receive automated interventions in near real-time for any AI flag that is triggered. These interventions clearly state the infraction, and how to correct it, require the test taker to acknowledge that they have taken the appropriate steps to correct the flag and are ready to continue their exam.  

Additionally, when Exam Termination is enabled, if a test taker meets the threshold for AI flags and/or proctor-added indicators or violations, their exam session is automatically terminated.

Notes: Your Success Manager can enable Pro Mode and Exam Termination (if applicable) for your organization. 

  • Pro Mode will be on for all exams when enabled
  • Exam Termination will be on for all exams when enabled

Pre-Exam Experience

  1. System Check and Terms of Agreement: Test takers initially review and agree to the terms, followed by system tests to ensure proper setup.
  2. Proctoring Launch and Verification Steps: Once proctoring is launched, the test taker completes steps such as Profile Photo, ID Verification, and a Workspace Scan. The workspace scan prompts the test taker to pan their camera to specific locations, as seen below.
  3. Pre-Exam Checks: Any issues detected prevent the start of the exam, ensuring the test taker compliance and consistency of examination environments.  

During Exam Experience

  1. Monitoring and Flagging: When using Pro Mode, frequent AI checks will be conducted (every 3 seconds). 

    This results in a more “real-time” feel and greater responsiveness. When a flag is triggered, the test taker’s screen will be blurred.

  2. Automated pop-in message: The test taker will receive an automated pop-in message describing the behaviors that were flagged.
  3. Acknowledgement: The test taker will be required to click acknowledge to continue the exam. The AI will then check to make sure the behavior has been corrected. 
  4. Proctor Interaction: Sessions that reach a high enough Queue Score will alert a live proctor, who will perform their role per usual protocol. The proctor will see the test taker is taking a Pro Mode exam should any issues or questions arise specific to Pro Mode. Proctors are expected to treat Pro Mode test takers in the same fashion as all other users. 

Exam Termination Experience

Exam Termination: For Pro Mode, thresholds for all AI flags, proctor-added indicators, and violations are set per the institution or organization guidelines. When the threshold for AI flags, proctor-added indicators, or violations is met, the test taker will experience the Exam Termination sequence shown below. 

The test taker will see the pop-in that states, "We need to end your exam." This exam session will automatically end in a few moments.  Do not close this tab or window.

Post Exam Review

Review and Analysis: Recordings and event logs are available for further review and broken down per exam question with a detailed timeline and notes. 




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