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In-Exam Flags

The purpose of this document is to answer frequently asked questions regarding In-Exam Flags. 

What are in-exam flags?

Flags are used to refer to incidents or notifications that occur within an exam taker’s session. An example of an in-exam flag is when your face goes out of frame. The AI will note your face has gone out of frame. In-exam flags are marked by the AI or one of Honorlock’s proctors and are not always indicative of an academic violation. Flags are provided to exam administrators so they can have a better understanding of your exam experience. Academic dishonesty is always up to the discretion of the exam administrator. 

What can I be flagged for?

Some examples of what you may be flagged for are: not having your face in the camera frame, words being spoken aloud, and variations of additional things based on the settings put in place by your exam administrator (example: having additional people present in the exam taking area). 

What happens if I am flagged while taking an exam?

If a flag notification takes place while taking an exam, the following could happen:

  • You may receive a notification letting you know you’ve gone against the exam guidelines. 
  • Your exam may get paused and a live pop-in takes place. The timer does not stop on your exam when a live-pop-in takes place. 
  • The flag may occur in the background with no indication to you. 

What does Honorlock do with in-exam flags?

In-exam flags are sent to the proctor queue and/or marked by the AI for exam administrator’s review. 

If I receive a message or am flagged, what does this mean?

This means your exam administrator will be able to review all of the flags within exam taker’s sessions. An in-exam flag is not always indicative of an academic violation. Flags are there for your exam administrator to review and understand your exam experience. 

What can Support tell me about a flag?

Our support team is always here to assist you for technical issues or questions about Honorlock in general. Support agents are unable to remove or modify the flags placed on an exam taker’s session. Support cannot tell you when and how many times you were flagged, what caused the flag, or what may occur because of your flag. Our team will encourage you to reach out to your exam administrator with any questions or concerns. Your exam administrator will have access to the chat transcript.

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