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How to Troubleshoot the “User Already Exists” Error Message

Once an instructor launches the Honorlock LTI for the first time within their LMS, the email address associated with the user will be logged. Due to some faculty having multiple accounts or utilizing multiple LMS instances in order to access Honorlock, some users may experience an error message after launching the LTI from a secondary account tied to the same email address.

To resolve this issue and as a best practice, we recommend modifying the email address that will be used to create the secondary account. For example, if a user has an admin account and an instructor account for the same LMS instance, the email addresses for the respective accounts can be labeled as follows:

Instructor: johnsmith@institution.edu 

Admin: johnsmith+admin@institution.edu

This will prevent the user from receiving this error message if the user happens to be attempting to access a staging and production environment set up for their LMS. If you are unsure of how to update your secondary account or need additional information on how to do so, please contact your institution’s LMS administrator.

If you have already experienced this issue and did not previously adjust the email addresses associated with your LMS, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

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