Hotkey Detection

2 min. readlast update: 05.08.2024

Hotkey Detection

This feature has been added to preserve the integrity of the exam by preventing the use of hotkeys to take screenshots while taking a proctored exam.  This function will be activated at an institution or organization level and will not be a toggled-on/off setting.  

When the Hotkey Detection is enabled, certain combinations a test taker uses will result in a blurred screen and a "Hotkey Detection Flag". For example:  

  • Cmd + Shift + 3 on Mac Devices
  • "PrtSc" button on Windows

The summary report for the test taker will display a "Hotkeys Detected" flag for each occurrence.  Over 100 hotkey combinations can be detected and flagged.

When the hotkey detection flag is triggered, the test taker's screen will automatically blur all content in the exam tab, rendering screenshots useless.  This is followed by an automated pop-in prompt that the test taker must acknowledge before allowing to proceed.  

The prompt notifies the test taker that "We've detected key combinations that are not allowed in this exam." After acknowledging the automated pause message, users are reminded they can contact support if they need any technical assistance, such as requiring the use of the modifier keys to perform accessibility actions. 

When test takers click on the "Continue" button, the exam content becomes visible, and they can continue with their exam. 


For more information regarding Hotkey Detection, please contact the Support team


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