Honorlock Application

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The Honorlock Application can be utilized by exam administrators and instructors who want to block applications that pose a risk to exam integrity, such as screen recording apps, web conferencing apps, or remote access software before commencing a proctored exam. 

Alternatively, the Honorlock Application can be used to allow specific applications during a proctored exam (such as Excel for an accounting exam) while blocking access to all other applications (as long as BrowserGuardTM is not enabled).

How do you enable it and use it?

  1. The Honorlock Application (formerly known as “Allow Applications”) is enabled/disabled at the institution or organization level.  This is managed by the institution or organization's Success Manager.

  2. The Honorlock Application can be turned on or off at the exam level. If the Honorlock Application is enabled for the institution or organization, exam administrators can opt to enable the Honorlock application on an exam within the proctoring settings when desired. Exam administrators can save their Honorlock Application ON/OFF preference within their exam profile as well. 
    Note: Selected allowed apps are not saved as part of exam profiles.

  3. Once the Honorlock Application is enabled on an exam, configuration options appear. All applications are blocked by default or exam administrators can select which applications they want to allow test takers to use via a drop-down menu.

  4. Honorlock creates and manages the list of applications to lock or allow. If an institution or organization wants to add an application to the block/allow list, they will request it through their Success Manager, and Honorlock can add it to the list.
    Note: Only applications included on the list will be blocked. Test takers can use unlisted applications during the exam without impediment.

Honorlock App: Test Taker Experience

  1. ‘Honorlock Application is required’ message for test takers. During authentication, the test taker will be prompted with a message informing them that the Honorlock Desktop Application is required.
    Note: The data collection policy changes when the Honorlock Application is enabled for test takers.

  1. Test taker downloads and installs the Honorlock application and then launches the application.

  1. Honorlock displays a list of all open applications that the test taker must close before the exam begins. The test taker confirms by choosing “Close All.”

  1. The exam begins and the Honorlock Desktop Application shows “Exam in Progress.”
    Note:  If the test taker attempts to access a blocked application, the exam will automatically close. The test taker can access any allowed applications throughout the exam (as long as BrowserGuardTM is not enabled).

  1. At the conclusion of the exam, the Honorlock Application turns off automatically.

The Honorlock Application works on Windows and Mac. The Honorlock Application does not work on Chromebooks.

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