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Upcoming Honorlock Webinars

Our customer success team will be hosting an upcoming webinar series on how to use Honorlock with your learning management system - including how to enable and configure your assessments, understanding the student experience, and how to review the proctoring results.

We are offering the webinars at multiple times to allow you to select the time that best fits your schedule. Find your learning management system below and select your preferred time to register. If you deliver third-party exams, we would recommend attending the third-party option regardless of the LMS in which you configure your exams.

Using Honorlock with Canvas:

August 3rd - 11am EST

August 17th - 1pm EST

August 31st - 3pm EST

Using Honorlock with Blackboard:

August 4th - 11am EST

August 18th - 1pm EST

September 1st - 3pm EST

Using Honorlock with 3rd party/universal sites:

August 6th - 11am EST

August 20th - 1pm EST

September 3rd - 3pm EST

Using Honorlock with D2L:

August 5th - 11am EST

August 19th - 1pm EST

September 2nd - 3pm EST

Ensuring Student Success with Honorlock:

August 13th - 11am EST

Unique Exam Scenarios:

August 27th - 1pm EST

An In Depth Look at Honorlock Proctoring:

September 10th - 3pm EST