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August 4 Release Summary

We are constantly working to improve you and your students’ Honorlock experience. On Tuesday, August 4th, we will be releasing a number of updates to Honorlock to allow you to better communicate proctoring guidelines with your students and faculty, to increase the accessibility of our faculty settings screens, and to improve the overall usability of the platform. We’ve highlighted the biggest changes for you below:

Updates to the Look and Feel

When navigating to your Honorlock page within your Learning Management System, you’ll notice a brand-new look and feel on the exam list page, the settings page, and the results page. These changes will make it easier to navigate and allow Honorlock’s application to meet additional accessibility guidelines. 

Removal of Proctoring Settings

With this release, we’ve removed a few proctoring settings that existed previously:

  • Record Audio - Previously, record audio was an individual option, however, this option is now tied directly with the record webcam functionality. When record Webcam is enabled, Honorlock will also record the student’s audio automatically.
  • Webcam Failsafe - Previously, this option allowed students to continue their exam without recording if a network interruption occurred. With the release of our Image Failsafe functionality a few weeks ago, this option is no longer necessary. Even in the event of a network interruption, Honorlock will attempt to take images of the student and their screen every 10 seconds during their exam. 
  • Prevent Multiple Screens - This option is now tied directly to the Record Screen option. When Record Screen is enabled, students will be unable to use multiple screens during their exams. 

New Student Guidelines and Accommodations 

We’ve added a whole new way to make sure students and proctors understand your exam expectations! With student guidelines, you can clearly mark what is and isn’t allowed in your exams: 


For more details on these new guidelines, be sure to check out the Enable Honorlock guide for your respective learning management system: Canvas, D2L, or Blackboard

With this update, professors will need to update any existing exams to include the new guidelines to avoid confusion with your students as they will see the new guidelines when starting their exams. Previous legacy guidelines will be visible on the exam settings page for you to reference, but these will no longer be visible to students. 

Additionally, the Accommodations section will include information that was previously stored in the Proctoring Guidelines field. This field is not visible to students but will be visible to Honorlock proctors. 

Updates to D2L Integration

This release brings some exciting changes for our D2L users. D2L Instructors will no longer require the instructor Chrome extension to enable and disable their exams. Additionally, we have updated the Search and Destroy functionality for D2L to automatically upload the questions rather than manually uploading the questions which were required previously.