End of Exam Procedures

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

This article describes submitting an exam, ending Honorlock proctoring, and removing the Honorlock extension.

Submitting the Exam

We recommend submitting the exam when students have completed the exam. This can be done by selecting the Submit Quiz button.

Ending Proctoring 

Once the student submits the exam, all proctoring should stop automatically. To ensure recording has ended, look to the top right corner of Google Chrome and locate the Honorlock extension symbol.

If there is no longer a blinking red recording light, proctoring has successfully ended. If there is a blinking red light on the extension icon and you are confident the exam is submitted, please force quit Honorlock and Google Chrome. This should resolve the issue, and the proctoring session will end.


Note: On Mac, please select the Apple icon on the top left corner to access the Force Quit option. On Windows, please enter control + shift + esc on your keyboard to access the Task Manager.

Removing the Honorlock Extension

To remove the extension, locate the Honorlock extension icon within Google Chrome and right-click it.

Choose “Remove From Google Chrome” and confirm the action when prompted. 

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