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Creating A New Chrome Profile

These troubleshooting steps can be used when Chrome is not allowing Honorlock's extension to function properly when using a Windows or Mac device.

1) Look to the top right of your chrome browser and locate your Google Chrome Profile icon. This icon is a circular image often showing a letter or a profile image you set. Click the circular icon and then click + Add (for older versions of Chrome, you may see the "Manage People" option instead). 


2) Next you will be prompted to enter a name for the new profile. Enter "Honorlock" as the name, as this should be the profile you use to test with moving forward. A desktop shortcut should be created to allow you to access the new profile easily for your next exam. You can also bookmark your school's website on the new profile.

3) Once you have created the new Chrome person, a new window will open. Do not log in to your google account in this new window. Instead, please go immediately to honorlock.com/install to re-install the Honorlock extension.

4) Close all of the "old" chrome window(s) you have open. Only the new chrome window you just created should be open.

5) Finally, please go to your test page and attempt to re-enter your exam in the new Chrome window.

Note: Do not sync the new chrome profile with your main chrome profile, as the issue you are experiencing may resurface.