Canvas Blueprint Course Sync

1 min. readlast update: 01.30.2024

Support for Canvas Blueprints is here!

Step 1:  Success Manager enables Blueprints feature

Contact your Honorlock Customer Success Manager to enable the Blueprint Course Sync feature for your institution. 

Step 2: Navigate to the Blueprint course

Within Canvas, navigate to the Blueprint enabled course or Master Course.

Step 3: Go to Honorlock in the Blueprint course

Navigate to the Honorlock LTI and a new Blueprint related panel will appear above the exam search if the course is a Blueprint course and there are one or more associated courses.


Step 4: Sync Honorlock Settings to all associated courses

Click Sync Associated Courses and all associated courses will have their exams updated with the appropriate Honorlock settings from the Blueprint Course. 


Troubleshooting: Honorlock is unsupported in copied courses

If you are experiencing this issue, a Blueprint may be locked. Here is a quick fix:

Step 1:  Check your Master Course to see if these exams are locked.

Step 2:  If locked, unlock them, update, and save.

Reference this Canvas article for additional help locking course objects in a Canvas Blueprint Course.

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