Apple Hand-Off Detection

1 min. readlast update: 04.22.2024


Apple’s Handoff feature allows Apple users to synchronize their work across their devices. This feature concerns exam administrators because test takers can search for a question on their phone and then connect that search to their laptop during an exam. 

Honorlock is the only online proctoring company detecting device-sharing apps like Apple Handoff. This feature was requested by customers so that Honorlock can see if a mobile phone is in the vicinity of the exam taking place. We’ve trained our AI to detect the presence of the Apple Handoff Icon. 

How it works:

  • Our AI detects the presence of the Apple Handoff Icon and our proctors observe the session without intervening to determine if a phone is present and being used inappropriately.
  • If the proctor determines that the test taker is using Apple Handoff, they prompt the test taker to disable handoff to prevent further flags, and/or request a RoomScan if they see a phone being used.
    • If the proctor determines the test taker is using Apple Handoff, a violation will be added to the session to notify exam administrators.
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