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Allow Applications Guide

Allow Applications is the Proctor Setting that allows an exam taker to access an application during a HL proctored exam. For example, Excel, Media Player, or another configured allow application.

How do you enable it and use it?

1.From the Honorlock LTI, click on the Settings for the exam you wish to Enable the “Allow Applications” feature.

2.Scroll down to the Proctor Settings section, and click on the square containing Allow Applications. This will turn the grayed circle blue with a white checkmark. Once turned on, configuration options appear on the page.  


3.Select which applications you want to allow students to use by utilizing the dropdowns within each category or utilize the search function. As you type, the results will auto update based on the text match.

Honorlock manages the list. If an institution wants to add to our block/allow list, they will put a request in through their CSM. 

Note: Only applications included on the list will be blocked. If an application is NOT listed on the application, students will be able to use the application during the exam without impediment.


4.Click Lock Toggle for the application you want to allow. After toggling this to “allowed,” the list of allowed apps will populate on the right side of the configuration settings.


5.To remove the application, toggle the app to Not Allowed or use the trash can icon on the right side to remove an allowed app.

6.Once you have completed the editing of the settings, scroll down to the bottom and click on the save/enable button.


For more information and frequently asked questions on “Allow Applications,” visit “Allow Applications FAQ.”