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Allow Applications FAQ

What is it?

This Proctor Setting will allow exam takers, when toggled on, to access specific applications during their exam while maintaining a secure testing environment.

How do you enable it?

Like other proctor settings, this feature could be enabled or disabled at an institution level by CSMs. If enabled at the institution level, Exam Admins can enable/disable it at the exam level.

How does it work?

Once turned on, configuration options appear on the page. Be sure to include Application names for both Mac and Windows. 

Who manages the list of applications?

Honorlock manages the list. If an institution wants to add to our block/allow list, they will put a request in through their CSM. Note: Only applications included on the list will be blocked. If an application is NOT listed on the application, students will be able to use the application during the exam without impediment.

Is there a difference between Mac and Windows users?

No, Allow Applications will function and work the same between both applications. Be sure to include the name of the application for both systems.

Can I use Browser Guard while using Allow Applications?

No. We recommend using either BrowserGuard OR Allow Applications. These features are not built to function together. Please visit the BrowserGuard and Allowed Site URLs FAQ for more information.