Test Taker Privacy Resources

1 min. readlast update: 04.19.2024

Test taker privacy is extremely important to Honorlock online proctoring. When institutions or organizations introduce a new online proctoring service, test takers may have questions and concerns that surround their privacy. We want to prepare you and your faculty or exam administrators with the necessary resources to assist test takers with addressing these concerns and ensure you have the materials you need.

Test Taker Privacy Statement

Student (or Test Taker) Privacy Video

A Message to Students (or Test Takers) New to Online Proctoring and Remote Proctoring

How Does Honorlock Protect Student (or Test Taker) Privacy?

Honorlock FAQs for Test Takers

In addition to the above resources, should your test takers have further questions or concerns, please direct them to contact privacy@honorlock.com 

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