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Scratch Paper Allowed Best Practices

There may be times in your course where you allow pen and paper to be used during exams. Test settings, proctor instructions, and test rules/instructions are crucial for proctored online exams that involve handwritten components. Below are recommended best practices to follow to ensure a smooth experience for exam takers and exam administrators when scratch paper allowed is toggled on. Using the Additional Instructions section, in your HL Exam Settings, use the applicable guidelines listed below and edit accordingly: 

  • Instruct exam takers to show the front and back of scratch paper during the room scan step. 
  • Instruct exam takers to sit far enough away from their computer to ensure their full face is in view throughout the exam session. This will prevent the exam paused screen from not being in view/looking up. 
  • Make the last question on the exam a T/F question where they are required to show the webcam the front and back of the scratch paper they used during the exam before submitting the exam. 
  • Make the last question on the exam a T/F question where they are required to show the webcam them ripping up the scratch paper before submitting the exam. 
  • Provide test rules and instructions that require the exam taker to use white paper and a black or dark blue pen. 
  • Require the exam-taker to show the blank paper before they start writing and before/after each math problem.
  • After test-takers complete the handwritten test activity, require them to upload the written work, notes, and scratch paper to the LMS.
  • For additional suggestions on securing your exam, check out this blog article

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