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Reviewing Session Results Best Practices

Honorlock provides Session Results, that provide insights about what occurred during exam taker sessions. Honorlock provides video recordings and chat transcripts. Below we have some best practices to follow to maximize the results.  

  • When attempting to view individual sessions, utilize the Student Results page. Use the Filter and Sort by drop down menu, to locate the Violations, Pop-In Occurred and High flags first. 
  • When in the individual session, turn on the screen control on the screen recorder window by right clicking on it and then selecting β€œShow Control.” You may also hide it doing the same.


  • You can easily navigate the screens using the tab and the arrow keys.
  • From the Control menu for both the Webcam and Screen Recorder footage, you can download the footage, change the playback settings, increase the speed, and skip through. Note: For the screen recorder footage (right), you can access this menu by clicking on the 3 vertical dots, on the right. You can also zoom in by clicking on the square icon.
  • To navigate to a particular event within the recording, click on the event within the session's log list. Please note, reviewing results works best when in full screen. However, zooming the browser window to 90% or less will allow for easier navigation of session events.
  • Below the recordings, you will also have the ability to review your exam-specific guidelines, as well as reference the specific question associated with a notated event. In this area, you may also reference chat logs conducted during the session, analyze Multi-Device detection occurrences, and review audio transcripts. Viewer, Chat, and Transcript tabs are all dynamic and will only be visible if detected and recorded during the exam taker's session.
  • For a high level overview of events and descriptions of events for an exam, use the Summary Report. This view will not provide footage to each individual session.

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