Import Exams and Settings Feature

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The Import Exams and Settings feature allows you to import exam settings from another course within the same organization.  Currently, it is supported within Canvas and D2L.  

Note: This feature must also be enabled for the institution or organization.

  1. Open the Honorlock LTI and click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the page.  Click the Import Exams and Settings link.
  2. Select the course from which you want to import the settings.  The user will be redirected to the exam selection page.  The courses listed in the selection box are those within the same organization for which the user has an Administrator, Instructor, or Course Designer role.
  3. On the exam selection page, select the source exam settings you wish to import into the target exam, then press the import button.  

Note: The exam selection page contains a lot of information.  The top section is informational, while the second half includes the actual import functionality.

Top Informational Section

  1. The name of the course to which you are importing exam settings. The target course.
  2. The name of the course from which you are importing exam settings. The source course.
  3. This link will take you back to the course selection page, where you can select a different source course. 
  4. A list of exams in the source course.  Select the Expand link to view the read-only exam settings. 

Bottom Functional Section

  1. The source course exam selector is where you choose an exam from the source course with the exam setting you wish to import.  The source exams listed in the selected box will match those in the informational section. 
  2. The target exam will receive the new exam settings.  Note that template 1's exam settings from the source course were previously imported. 
  3. the import button will become active once a source exam is selected. 
  4. A target exam that has no previous import from the chosen source course. 
  5. A list of source exams from which the user may import exam settings.  Note that this is the same list of source exams as in the informational section.  If the user selects and imports the source exam 'Template 1,' it will overwrite the 'Eng 101 Quiz' exam settings in the target course. 
  6. The Eng 101 Quiz's target exam will receive the chosen source exam settings 'Template 1.'

Combined Top and Bottom Sections

  1. The list of exams in the source course with read-only links to each exam's settings. 
  2. The list of exams in the source course from which settings can be imported.  



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