How to View Your Honorlock Results

3 min. readlast update: 04.19.2024

1) Click on Honorlock within your course in your LMS

Log in to your Learning Management System as an instructor and navigate to the Honorlock LTI found within your course. If you require additional assistance with locating our LTI, please reach out to your institution's or organization's Key Administrator.

2) Click the exam you want to review

Click on the Results button associated with that assessment.


3) Review Overall Results

All test takers who have completed the exam will be listed and ready to review.

Tip: “Violations” were designed to save faculty and exam administrators valuable time by providing human-verified suspected cheating instances. When a human proctor notices an violation occurring, they manually add a “violation.” Faculty and exam administrators should prioritize these sessions when reviewing results. 

Sorting Results: You may sort the list of test takers by Name, Exam Time, High Flags, Medium Flags, Violations or Pop-In Occurrences.


Filtering Results: You may filter by flag level, date range, and exam attempt duration. 


Recommended Sessions: The Recommended Sessions tab allows you to review exam sessions that contained either a violation or a proctor-added high flag.


By clicking the drop arrow to the right of the Review button, you will see the exam details including the reason for the violation or proctor added flag. 


Tip: High flag violations can be expanded to show a selection list that includes multi face, face not detected, focus lost, speech detected, application opened, roomscan multi face, roomscan speech detected, and headphones detected. Faculty and exam administrators can narrow in on specific flags they wish to review by clicking the checkbox beside each high flag filter option. 


4) Review Specific Individual Sessions: To further investigate a session, click “review.” 

5) The test taker's webcam footage will be displayed at the top left of the session viewer, while the screenshare recording will be positioned at the top right.

6) You can review and analyze the exam session by utilizing the available playback options. 

7) You also can control either of the recordings independently if needed. You can accomplish this by right-clicking either the webcam recording or the screenshare recording and clicking on Show Controls.

8) Once completed, you will have the ability to scan either the webcam recording or the screenshare recording. Below the recordings, you'll be able to navigate through the list of violations to view specific points of interest notated throughout the test taker's session. You may select the time bar within the session viewer to navigate to different portions of the exam footage.


9) To navigate to a particular event within the recording, click on the event within the session's log list. Please note, reviewing results works best when in full screen; however, zooming the browser window to 90% or less will allow for easier navigation of session events 

10) Below the recordings, you will also have the ability to review your exam-specific guidelines, as well as reference the specific question associated with a notated event. In this area, you may also reference chat logs conducted during the session, analyze Multi-Device detection occurrences, and review audio transcripts. Please note that Viewer, Chat, and Transcript tabs are all dynamic and will only be visible if detected and recorded during the test taker's session.

11) Upon completing your review, an indicator will show that the session has been reviewed.

If you wish to utilize question sequencing in the reporting, please set the exam to show one question at a time.

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