Honorlock Toolbar Overview for Test Takers

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During Honorlock-enabled assessments, a toolbar is accessible for test takers at the bottom of the testing window.


Calculator - This will open or close the Honorlock basic or scientific calculator if made available by the instructor or exam administrator. You may reposition the calculator by dragging the blue bar at the top of the calculator. Selecting the compression icon will reduce the size of the calculator, and selecting the expansion icon will revert the calculator to its original size.

 Selecting the X button on the top right of the calculator window will minimize the calculator. To bring the calculator back into view, select the Calculator button on the toolbar.

Interim calculations will always be maintained in the Honorlock calculator even if it is minimized or if a different page is accessed during the exam.

Note: You may minimize the 'screenshare' window at the bottom of your test screen by clicking Hide. This will allow you to access the Calculator button. 

For test takers using our universal integration: Selecting the Calculator button will open the calculator on the launch page.

Exam Guidelines - This will open a sidebar containing the instructor's exam guidelines and any authorized URLs will be provided here. Selecting any links in the sidebar will open the URL in a new tab.

To close the sidebar, select the X at the top right corner or the Exam Guidelines button on the toolbar. Selecting the pin icon will keep the sidebar open as you navigate through different exam pages.


Minimize Toolbar - This will collapse the toolbar. This feature may be useful if there is exam content behind the toolbar that would otherwise be inaccessible. While the toolbar is collapsed, you may drag the toolbar along the bottom of the exam window.


 Selecting Expand Toolbar will bring back the full toolbar.


Selecting the three vertical dots on the right of the toolbar will provide links to the Honorlock KnowledgeBase and our 24/7 Honorlock chat support.


For test takers using our Universal integration: Selecting the Calculator button will open the calculator on the launch page.  

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