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Honorlock ChatGPT Prevention Features

Honorlock’s entire mission and product are built on equity. Honorlock provides every student with a fair and equitable assessment opportunity to demonstrate their course mastery, and ultimately, succeed. By effectively securing the testing environment, we are blocking the opportunity for students to use ChatGPT.

Features that prevent the use of ChatGPT: All of the settings below can be set in the Proctoring Settings for your exams. 

  • Our copy/paste detection feature ensures exam takers can’t copy & paste ChatGPT responses into their exams, while our BrowserGuard prevents them from even accessing the ChatGPT website. 
  • We also conduct full device Screen Recordings and require exam takers to disconnect secondary monitors, ensuring they aren’t using ChatGPT. 
  • Our optional Room Scan feature helps prevent the use of cell phones or other alternate devices that could be used for ChatGPT. 
  • If your online proctoring platform doesn’t have smart voice detection, a participant could use a voice assistant, like Siri or Alexa, to:
    • Open the ChatGPT website
    • Use voice dictation to add a specific prompt
    • Read the response aloud

Honorlock’s Smart Voice Detection listens for specific keywords or phrases, like “Hey Siri” or “OK Google,” and it records and transcribes audio while the exam is in progress. If it detects potentially dishonest behavior, a live proctor is alerted to review the situation and intervene if necessary.

For more information on how Honorlock prevents the use of AI Extensions, visit our KB article here


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