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Honorlock Access Codes

When Honorlock is enabled for an assessment, Honorlock automatically generates an exam password or access code. If you have already created a password/access code for your exam, Honorlock will override your password/access code with a new one. The password we generate prevents your students from accessing the assessment without being proctored. Students will not need the Honorlock generated password/access code to enter their exams. Once they finish the Honorlock authentication process, the password will automatically plug in behind the scenes. The students will never see the password/access code. 

Do not attempt to remove or alter the Honorlock generated password. If the Honorlock generated password/access code is deleted/removed students will be able to access their assessment without being proctored. If the Honorlock generated password/access code is altered students will not be able to get into their exam at all.

The Honorlock generated password should look like this:


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