Failsafe Images

2 min. readlast update: 04.30.2024

In the event the connection to our video platform is interrupted (by an internet degradation issue or outage), Honorlock will revert to Failsafe image capture instead of video capture. When this occurs, a still image of the webcam and the screen will be taken every 10 seconds. All normal AI functionality and flags work as expected. 

How to Retrieve Failsafe Images

1) Navigate to the Honorlock LTI and navigate to the exam session.

2) Click on the download option in the upper left corner of the session viewer. 

3) Select Request: Failsafe Images. You will receive a message stating the images have been requested.



4) Once processed and available for download, you will receive an email stating that the images are available. Depending on how many requests are active, the request processing time may vary. Requests may take up to four hours to complete. In the event the request is unable to be processed, you may receive an email indicating so. In this scenario, please contact Honorlock Support for more information.


5) Return to the exam session within the Honorlock LTI and select the Download option in the upper left corner of the session viewer. You will now have the option to select Download: Failsafe Images.

6) Clicking this will download a ZIP file of all failsafe images. Each image will be titled, indicating if it is a webcam frame or a screen share frame, and the chronological order of the images. 

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