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Create a Third Party Exam

Through Honorlock in your primary Learning Management System, you have the option to offer proctored exams given in ANY third party platform such as Pearson MyMathLab, McGraw-Hill Connect, and WebAssign. 

How to Create a Third-Party Exam

1) Navigate to Honorlock in your Learning Management System.
2) Locate and click the three white vertical dots in the top right of the LTI. 

3) Click Register Third Party Exam

4) Name the Exam to match the name of the exam being administered within the third party platform. 

5) Next, set the Exam Start and Exam End times to match the start and end times of the exam being administered within the third party platform.

6) In your third party platform, it is important to make sure that the exam is password-protected. Set a password in your third party platform for the exam and copy and paste it under Exam Password. If the password does not match, students will not be able to start the exam. If you do not set a password on the exam, students will be able to start the exam un-proctored.

7) Lastly, type in your third party exam platform name under Exam Platform.

8) Select your preferred proctoring options for the exam. 

9) In the 'Student Instructions' section, provide descriptive guidelines for students to let them know exactly what is allowed and what isn’t allowed on your proctored exams.

10) In addition to the student-facing instructions, there is also a section for you to put in any specific notes you have for our proctors, including what students can and cannot access, whether they are allowed breaks, etc. This is where you can list any students that have any specific accommodations. 

11) Make sure to click the blue Create button to save your settings. Your third party exam is now created and enabled with Honorlock! Third party exams will be identified with a third party exam icon.