Create a Practice Exam in Canvas

2 min. readlast update: 04.19.2024

There is a simple way for you to help ensure test takers are ready to use Honorlock. Within the Honorlock LTI, you can create a Practice Exam for test takers to get acclimated with the system and ensure they are prepared for when the real testing begins. Following the instructions below will create a short practice exam.  

How to Create a Practice Exam 

1) Navigate to Honorlock in your Learning Management System. 

2) Locate and click the three white vertical dots in the top right of the LTI. 


3) Click Add Practice Exam

4) A prompt will appear asking you to confirm the creation of a Practice Exam. Click Confirm to proceed.


5) You will notice that a Practice Exam has now been generated for you and will display in the LTI. 

6) Now that you have successfully added a Practice Exam, it’s time to enable it with Honorlock. Click the blue Enable button.


7) Set up your proctoring options for the practice exam. It is recommended that you configure your practice exam with the same proctoring options as your real exam to ensure that test takers are familiar with the security settings and exam authentication process.



8) Click the blue Enable button to save your settings. Your practice exam is now enabled with Honorlock. Exams that are Honorlock enabled will display the blue Honorlock shield.


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