Create a Practice Exam in Blackboard Ultra

2 min. readlast update: 04.23.2024

Within the Honorlock LTI, you can create a Practice Exam for test takers to get acclimated to the system and ensure their preparation for their higher-stakes exams. 

How to Create a Practice (Test) Exam

1) Navigate to Honorlock in your Learning Management System.

2) Locate and click the three white vertical dots, located at the top right. 

3) Click Add Practice Exam


4) Select Confirm.

5) Exit out of the Honorlock by clicking on the X on the top left. You are now in the Blackboard Ultra Content page.  

 6) Find the Honorlock Test Exam from the course content list. Normally these are listed at the bottom, and you may have to scroll all the way down. Click on the 3 dots on the right side and select edit.  

Note: All practice exams will initially have this title; you will be able to edit that in the next step. 


7) You are now in the Content and Settings page of your exam. Here, you can edit the name from the top left corner by clicking on the pencil next to the exam title, and then enable needed proctoring settings by clicking on the settings icon on the right-hand side.


8) Once on the Assignment Settings page, enable needed proctoring settings, scroll down to the Proctored assessment and click on Configure proctoring settings


9) Click on the toggle by Enable Proctoring. The toggle will turn green signaling it is on. Then click on Save.


10) Click on Save again from the Assignment Settings page. You will now be redirected to the Honorlock page to select the proctoring settings. Set up your proctoring options for the practice exam. It is recommended that you configure your practice exam to have the same proctoring options as your real exam to ensure test takers are familiar with the security settings and exam authentication process. Note: You could always edit these same settings by going to the Honorlock page and clicking on settings next to the exam you want to proctor.




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