ALEKS Exam with Honorlock

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Please be sure to use Google Chrome, as it is the only supported browser. Click here to install the Honorlock extension to your browser. The Chrome web store will open in a new tab. Please click Add to Chrome to add the extension to your browser.

1) Please navigate to your ALEKS placement assessment. If applicable, please be sure to complete your ALEKS practice assessment prior to your proctored session. Click Start when ready to begin.



2) Next you will be prompted to Launch Proctoring. When launched, there will be on-screen messaging that you will need to agree to as well as exam guidelines to follow. 



3) To start the authentication process, you will be prompted to take a photo of yourself. Please allow Honorlock access to your microphone and camera. Then, you may center your face in the frame and click the Take Photo button.




4) After you have successfully taken your photo, the next step is ID verification. Acceptable forms of identification include government-issued photo ID cards or institution-issued ID cards. When you have your ID in hand, please select I Have My ID




5) Next, please hold your ID in the center of the webcam and click Take ID Photo. Please be sure that your ID is legible. 

6) A 360° scan of your room is required to confirm your testing area is secure. Please ensure only allowed materials are in your testing area. Click Begin Room Scan to start your room scan. The recording will be played for you to reference. Once you have confirmed the room scan and are satisfied with the recording, proceed to click on I’m Done.



6) Payment may be required to use the Honorlock proctoring service. Enter your debit or credit card information and click the Pay button.

7) Lastly, you will be required to share the contents of your screen. Please close any other applications or files you do not wish to share. Select Launch Screen Recording when you are ready to share your screen. To prevent the premature sharing of a screen, you will be prompted a final time to select their desired screen. Once ready, please select the preview of your screen and click the blue Share button to start the screen share. 


8) There will now be on-screen directions by ALEKS. Please read all directions, and acknowledge. You are now ready to take your placement assessment.

When you submit your exam, Honorlock proctoring will end. Your exam footage will be available to your instructor or exam administrator and Honorlock certified proctors. 

If you encounter any technical difficulties or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Honorlock Support.   

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