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AI Extension Blocker

Honorlock makes sure that tools like Transcript are not accessible during exams, securing the test environment and preventing academic violations. Honorlock is the ultimate solution to ensure a fair testing environment for all exam takers. 

Honorlock Prevents the Use of Chrome Extensions

Honorlock has implemented Extension Detection technology, how it works: 

  • Honorlock is now logging installed and active extensions at the start of an exam session.
  • At the start of an exam, the exam taker will be notified (image example is below) to disable any unauthorized extensions. This will block/disable extensions before an exam taker can begin their assessment. As new tools emerge, Honorlock is continuously logging different extensions and adding them to our list of blocked extensions.
  • Please note, extensions used for accessibility or other purposes will not be flagged or blocked, so that students don’t have to disable other non-harmful extensions  
  • For more information on how Honorlock prevents ChatGPT, check out our KB article here.  

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